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    how big is the hamata pot ??
  2. my experiences show that helis can grow well in any mix you will provide- pure peat even will be fine- medium isnt the most important factor for sure. imho the light and temperatures are the most important- much more important than humidity levels
  3. i water my plants almost everyday so the soil is very wet but over 9 or 10 years of growing them ive never had any problem. i use very open mix of sphagnum perlite and some peat in it and net-pots. i think they dont mind standing in water as soon as other factors are right (although i dont use tray method)
  4. yes they do have leaves but only 2-3 mm wide and totally upright. uppers are more than 2x smaller than lowers and i see that your sizes are/were exactrly the same as in my case
  5. i have plant in thesame age as plants above but standing in shadier spot- tha plant is maybe 35 cm high but the leaves are almost as long as leaves of these and the pitchers are tiny comparing to the leaf size but well coloured though. beside its bonsaied i think the plants are happpy- rapid leaf and pitcher production improves that well imho :)
  6. dave: the lowers of this plant were wider and longer- twice longer than these uppers! plant receives quite strong light - maybe due to this factor leaves are far more shorter ?? the pot is quite big.
  7. i use a combination of fluorescent tubes- the light is strong. humidity levels are also high- over 90% during the day and 100% during the night. the picture was taken under MH lights in other grow chamber i have.
  8. its definitely one of my favourites- it flowers every year at the same time of the year- i can be sure i will it nex year also, maybe 3 scapes ? who knows ;)
  9. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. yes, exactly- its a piece of cork covered with moss- ive decided to transplant it when i saw oictures of it growing in the wild spots- since then it grows far more better and looks like a wild plant.
  11. i keep the plant moist all the time under the strong light. it never gets more than 25C dring the day and more than 13-15C during the night. its painfully slow but anyway it flowers every year, this year i have two flowers for the first time,
  12. unfortunatelly i dont have location data of the plant ;/ the colour is more red than orange when you look at it. the plant is 7-8 years old
  13. i forgot to add: the ground pitchers are different, 4th type of pitcher the plant produces. they dont look like lowers , intermediate and uppers.
  14. sanguinea 'giant red' mt. ulu kali, from wild seeds Uploaded with ImageShack.us fusca flared peristome decent pitcher Uploaded with ImageShack.us campanulata x robcntleyi Uploaded with ImageShack.us spathulata Uploaded with ImageShack.us