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  1. Richard mine does best when protected from direct light. However my climate is much hotter than yours and I protect almost all my plants from direct sun. Regia's outside in full sun but the sun is filtered through a thin curtain. It hasn't died back this year and 3 basals have come up.

    I'd take Fred's and gardenofeden's advice as I've seen their plants in photos and they are jaw-dropping.

  2. Oo yes, I kept and bred one of these. Actually it was a female already loaded with eggs so it was easy. They make copious amounts of web even in a large jar and they are vicious hunters. It's quite upsetting to watch it eat really even though it takes the prey back into the hole. I put them all back after the babies hatched (dozens of them!) and the mother was already dead at that stage.

  3. I am one of those people who experiment a lot with water. I have taken risks and learnt a few things but lost a few plants as well. Basically what I've confirmed is that sarracenia, drosera and dioneae are really sensitive about water. The harder it is the faster they show stress and start declining. I've been getting away with bottled water for them (which is about 30 tds) but I top water and flush a lot. Other side of the coin is: Would they grow better if I used pure water ? Probably...

    Nepenthes on the other hand are very hardy. I am using rested tap water (which is really hard, probably over 100 tds) for them but again it's important to note that I don't have any sensitive ultra highland species. I don't use live sphagnum either. So in my conditions and for the species I have (all windowsill grown) it works fine.

    To sum it up I would suggest that when you try a different water, give it at least 6 months of observation because unless the values are dramatic, it takes a while to see what is really happening. The pot media is also a good indicator.

  4. Edithcolea Grandis, we meet again !

    After failing three times, I think I now understand this plant (I'd like to think so...). So here is my fourth try in two different pots, mixes and locations.

    Will I ever see it flower ?



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  5. Rodrigo are you keeping it too dry ? You should keep it wet at this stage. Its leaves should be erect and point to the sky.

    These are mine from last year


    And yes this is the link I read, thank you Linuxman. It was very helpful for me.

    I think they're given in this thread. Never had any luck with Drosophyllum lusitanicum myself, I hope you fare better!

  6. I don't think it's a clone. This happened to a few of my plants (including a nepenthes) after I used an insecticide on them. It may be a deformation due to pests (mine were suffering from globular springtails) or the pesticide.

  7. Hmm my previous statement is a bit dramatic, sorry about that. I was just disappointed. The soil was indeed quite dry, I don't know why they keep them like that. However, it was a joy to see such big truncatas.

    Other parts of the gardens were awesome though, especially the water lillies.


    I don't remember what this one is...Someone recognize it ? There were two other truncatas already so I think this is either a hybrid or something else.


    This truncata was lovely. It's bigger than what it looks like in the photo, there's a part of it behind that tree.


    This one had an active pitcher somewhere under there.


    This Veitchii looked miserable.


  8. ...

    I have seen people talking about orchid feed and seaweed feed as a root boost should I try a few dilute drops on the cotton wool. I just don't want to get this far and kill them off only to have another 14 month wait for germination.

    I am using seaweed for everything from drosophyllum to utrics including drosera and flytraps. I've seen a boost in every species.

  9. I'm using bottled water for all my CPs from drosophyllum to utrics. The label reads 56 mikrosiemens (don't know if that's TTS for you). I haven't had any problems. It might make a difference however that I generously top water all my plants including flytraps.

    I have been caught short and can't get to my usual RO supplier so I'm going to have to find an alternative. Rainwater isn't an option and neither is tapwater. So far I've found references to Tesco value water being fairly soft and Voss artisan water is supposed to be 44 TTS. Can anyone confirm if either of those is suitable or give any better alternatives?

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  10. I'll be in Manchester and London for a month, can anyone recommend me a shop in UK ? I am especially interested in small species. Any good store is fine, I'd like to buy online as well.

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