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  1. Hmm my previous statement is a bit dramatic, sorry about that. I was just disappointed. The soil was indeed quite dry, I don't know why they keep them like that. However, it was a joy to see such big truncatas. Other parts of the gardens were awesome though, especially the water lillies. I don't remember what this one is...Someone recognize it ? There were two other truncatas already so I think this is either a hybrid or something else. This truncata was lovely. It's bigger than what it looks like in the photo, there's a part of it behind that tree. This one had an active pitcher somewhere under there. This Veitchii looked miserable.
  2. I've just been there and honestly they looked terrible. I will post a few photos I've taken.
  3. I am using seaweed for everything from drosophyllum to utrics including drosera and flytraps. I've seen a boost in every species.
  4. Thank you Mobile, I didn't realize it could be converted. This is very helpful to know.
  5. I'm using bottled water for all my CPs from drosophyllum to utrics. The label reads 56 mikrosiemens (don't know if that's TTS for you). I haven't had any problems. It might make a difference however that I generously top water all my plants including flytraps.
  6. Yes Gert is my favorite as well. His nepenthes are so hardy.
  7. maxxima

    Orchids in UK

    Ok this is perfect, thank you Richard. Open to more alternatives if you remember any.
  8. Congratulations! I have 6 plants myself and they are all in bloom right now. It is a very unique and fun plant, certainly my fave. I hope things go well for you. There are experts on this forum like Jan Visee, I recommend his cultivation guide to you if you need any help.
  9. maxxima

    Orchids in UK

    I'll be in Manchester and London for a month, can anyone recommend me a shop in UK ? I am especially interested in small species. Any good store is fine, I'd like to buy online as well.
  10. Omg I thought I hated gnomes but that thing is sooo cute!
  11. Wow! That's such a beautiful view you have there, you are very lucky. Gorgeous plants as well.
  12. Wow this is some serious body of work and they are incredible. You should really think about having them published.
  13. Hehe guys. I've read success stories on a few other sources as well, I'm going to include them here once I find them again. I think the problem is that not many people seem to grow this plant and even fewer of those people actually dare experimenting with their plants. For instance people still say you can not transplant and I myself have transplanted about 6 times (twice or so for each pot, I have 4). As long as you move the whole rootball, the plants don't skip a beat. Anyway, looks like we have a lot to learn still.
  14. Richard I think it's possible. Check this out: Check this out also, it's where I found the above link: I will also post that woody stem cuttings article if I can find it again.
  15. You have a monstera, too? Awesome, I have one as well. It's growing great for me, too fast actually, I had to cut it this year or it would reach the ceiling. My flat is dry too but you must be right about different factors because monstera and ficus normally are very hardy as you know. By the way I am using drinking water for my neps, mineral content is 56 mikrosiemens. Tap water is too hard here. I can recommend some low humidity plants. These plants keep growing and pitchering all year - veitchii (lowland from wistuba), maxima x TM, truncata x ventricosa, truncata x veitchii and albomarginata. All my other plants even maxima and miranda stop pitchering in winter but these ones continue. I was never successful with truncata (pasian), it is very slow in low humidity. I also have to tell you some of my plants took a very long time to adapt. Truncata x Veitchii took about 6-8 months ! But it never stops now. Anyway I hope things improve for you. Your plants really look very healthy and beautiful.
  16. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am always interested in alternate mediums as well and this is very encouraging.
  17. I have the same setup, southeastern window but I don't even have an open terrarium. All my plants are windowsill grown. You don't need humidity, but it always helps. You don't have to cover them with glass, they are just adapting, they will pitcher. Remember it may take a few months though depending on how hardy they are. edit: Humidity is overrated sometimes. Some of my plants like Albomarginata and Veitchii pitcher on top of the central heating (%10-20 humidity)
  18. From the album: My house/balconies

    first flowers weeeeeeeeee The plant is 16 months old.