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  1. Oh, and yes that is an 81 stingray.. Bone Stock, just broke 5k miles, all matching #s. Bowling Green, Kentucky i think>> Might have been one of the last built in St. Louis but pretty sure BG. Ill have to check the VIN tonight. It qualifies for every award available from the corvette associationsociety. Manual. Weighs just under 3300 pounds.. 5.7L V-8 350 L81 small block (largest of) and a compression ratio of 8.2:1.. 4 barrel rochester carburetion Not the fastest out there, but im not complaining yeah, sorry, had to tease all you car buffs.. oh, cant forget a lat spread pic
  2. Haha, yeah that is all for reps.. I use light weights on deadlifts and cleans etc, want to make sure i get my form down since i dont really have a spotter.. and I usually dont have time to go find someone. my workouts are pretty intense (i always superset, 30 sec rest max). I play metal loud enough for everone else in the gym to hear though. haha. I have been a bit worried lately because I have been feeling my back get pinched sometimes, its really something you wouldnt enjoy. sometimes my heart palpitates which scares the sh** outta me. oh btw squat is front leg squat. haha i have big a** bruises on my clavicle sometimes. Clean and press.. hmm maybe i meant clean and jerk. probably the same thing, just diff name here. I think its clean and press when you use dumbbells. Yeah getting stuck is NOT fun. I once got stuck under 165 a few months back, and the b****** just walked away. needless to say i let him have it the next time i saw him. BenScoobert, are those kilos or pounds> Yeah actually ive been nicknamed Roy (for sterROIds).. i guess im pretty lucky to have an 8 pack, i think its a genetic thing.. i notice some guys can only get a 6 pack and others only 4.. Im crunching like 200+ pounds right now, haha. they feel harder than my friggin ribs. I neglected my obliques a bit though, so i need to make it more proportionate. that and my shoulders could use some work. John
  3. For those of you that work out... Bench-170 Squat-200 (no spotter) Leg Press-dunno prolly 400 at least Deadlift-135 (no spotter) Wide Pullups-16 Chinups-25 Pushups-61 1 Mile- <6 min 5k- 21 min 10k- 36 min Shrug-150 Clean & Press- 70?? (dumbbell.. no spotter dont wanna fk up back. haha.) Listening to: Conquer All by Behemoth. haha I probably shouldnt be posting this on the internet. lmfao. Yes that is a project nep on the fridge. despite growing with basically no light and behind a stale bag of chips, it does surprisingly well. John
  4. aahahaha.. You should see me with varnets on. I look like a beetles or something. Well more like john lennon specifically. hahaha. Damn I never thought about that, I have the same jawline and hair and everything. Which is probably a bad thing!
  5. I get up at 5:45 every morning... ...But you go to bed at 9:00 so her point still stands
  6. O M G I LOVE KRISPY KREME! Do you work at the Kreme on 82nd Ave? AKA Spare any change? street LOL.. I love portland oh nm I see you're in Seattle now!
  7. Wowza, and I thought my windowsill was packed! I would imagine you keep the thermestat in your house fairly high in the winter?
  8. Pizzicara

    Got Milk???

    Blah.. Whey/Soy protein works much better. Especially the soy. I used it in neps
  9. hmm.. anyone know of a way to batch resize photos? Yeah if you do that too much aidan, you end up getting artifacts.. which is why I prefer to shoot in raw (which actually takes up less space than tiff)
  10. Phew.. Did you get the green cards and passports? They're still considered american you know Be sure to fill them out and send them in so as they can get citizenship in your country! No unfortunately.. He's actually coming over in about 3 hours, and expects us to be out in a week or two. Halfta sorta, um.. explain that the only house on the market right now is the forest 3 blocks away :? I'm going to be sleeping with the fishes (literally! see signature)
  11. How's everyones seed doing? Anybody plant them yet? What % success rate did you get? Just wonderin so as I could compare the ones I sent out to the ones I kept and planted. I got a 66% success rate, don't know if that's any good for oreos :?
  12. Dustin, in my experience temperature seems to effect it more than soil mix; I keep mine with my highland/intermediate neps and they do great. If they stay over around 80ºF in the day or under 48º in the night for too long, they croak. It only takes one time :? But as you said, they always come back from the roots in tenfold
  13. Anybody ever put a bottle of canada dry under a UV light?
  14. well you could cut out the opposite side of the yogurt container and plant that (with the half thats nearest to the plant, dont take that out, it probably hasnt grown all the way over there yet.
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