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  1. That's a nice pot of U. renofrmis! Hopefully mine will look like that someday.
  2. My U. reniformis is growing in living sphagnum at the moment and seems to love it. It's always putting up new growth. Amazing how it started as a 4-5cm piece of "root" with two leaves. Flowerstalk of U. naphrophylla Flowerstalk of U alpina turning a bit yellowish
  3. Thank you Jarkko for your long and helpful reply plus the beautiful photos. For my plants I also have a backup plan if I can't get the terraria built in time before the summer heat. I have a cool warehouse room that should stay cool in summer but is a bit too far away to grow plants in there permanently. I'm lucky because my U. reniformis seems to be a bit different clone and if I remember correctly it was some small leaved form. My plant is all the time in already mentioned conditions and it grows rapidly. Maybe If I add a bit more humidity the growth rate would be even more rapid but I'll save that later. Maybe it survives because I keep the water level very high the pot is almost swimming in water After much help I've decided to look for these plants during the summer: U. alpina x campbelliana U. alpina x endresii U. asplundii Duida form U. geminiloba U. humboldtii U. humboldtii x quelchii U. nelumbifolia U. 'Nüdlinger Flair'(U. alpina x humboldtii) I'll save the other Orchoides till I get the terrarium finished. Thanks for helping me and giving me accurate growing instructions.
  4. Amazing plants. What kind of conditions do you give them?
  5. Thanks for tips. I just made some new measurements and the real temps in my terraria at the moment are from 19.3*C to 22.6*C. Right now my current epiphytic Utricularia grow quite well in my terraria but I have a plan to make a terraria designed only for Orchioides Utricularia that includes some kind of energy efficient cooling system during summer. But not sure how to make out the cooling system yet. The two choises are either refridgerator (or its guts) or an evaporative cooling. From what location do the most heat tolerant U. asplundii come?
  6. site is down now But I remember that they sold U. jamesoniana from Canon del Diablo, Auyan Tepui, Venezuela and claimed it to be from 1500m above sea level when U. jamesoniana from Represa el Penol, Antioquia, Colombia was from 2000m above sea level. Doesn't this make the Canon del Diablo form of this plants more warm adaptable than plants from Represa el Penol? Has anyone got experience growing U. alpina x campbelliana, U. alpina x endresii, U. humboldtii x quelchii or U. 'Jitka'(U. praetermissa x quelchii) in room conditions?
  7. Thanks for help. Distance from light is about 20 cm and my current Utrics seem to like it. Lamp emits purple light which seems to be the reason why the above-mentioned plants are growing flowerstalks. How low should the night temperatures be to fulfill the requirements of U. asplundii and U. jamesoniana?
  8. Hi! I've been grownig 3 epiphytic Utricularia in this winter, U. reniformis and near to flowering U. alpina and U. nephrophylla from Serra dos Orgaos, Brazil. They grow in a open terraria with no front wall but humidity is a bit higher than in room about 50-60%. Terraria is lighted with 15W plant ESL. Temperature in the terraria is 22-24*C all the time. After successfully grown these plants I'm willing to buy more Utrics from this amazing section. Problem is that I'm not sure of any other plants that could servive these condition and that's why I'm asking your help. Plants that I'm pretty sure about buying are U. nelumbifolia, U. 'Nüdlinger Flair'(U. alpina x humboldtii) and U. humboldtii. Plants that I'd like to buy but I'm unsure if they can handle the conditions in my terraria are U. alpina x campbelliana U. alpina x endresii U. asplundii U. geminiloba U. humboldtii x quelchii U. jamesoniana (Represa el Penol, Antioquia, Colombia or Canon del Diablo, Auyan Tepui, Venezuela) U. 'Jitka'(U. praetermissa x quelchii) Are these plants that I'm going to get able to survive in the current conditions that I have in my terraria? Which plants with location data are most forgiving in cultivation?
  9. Haven't seen any howto videos about Cephalotus. Uploading a howto video about this plant would encourage people to grow it and realize that Cephalotus is not so hard to grow as some sources suggest.
  10. Good looking set-up with lots of great looking plants. What kind of lights are you using for this terraria?
  11. That's not even bad. 60 cm In eastern Finland!
  12. These hybrids made by you only keep getting better and better. Soon you have crossed all south american droseras with each other.
  13. How about adding some S. prittacina and S. leucophylla in there? :)
  14. Thanks for beautiful photos and helpful growing tips. Maybe I will have a try with this plant someday.
  15. Can't find words to describe this awesomness. Every bug's greenhouse of horrors.
  16. Amazing plant! Can this be grown in a room or a warm terrarium?
  17. That Darlingtonia has one intessive colourration. Great pics!
  18. Thanks. I will try some of those during the summer. Maybe I'll find something interesting from those shops.
  19. Spectacular hybrid again. Do you have any other interesting hybrids planned or growing?
  20. Hey. I'd like to buy some new orchids but I have no Idea of any trusworthy european shops with reasonable prices. Do you have any links and/or experience of european shops?
  21. Very gorgeous plant. What are the growing conditions that you give for this hybrid?
  22. I will change my photo for competition, because I love cephs and recently my Ceph suprised me very very happily.
  23. Maybe not black. Black version would become too hot in sunlight and heat the roots too.