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  1. Bought some epiphytic Utricularia from this site last summer. Plants were all big sized, healthy and well packed. In the beginning of next growing season will be buying more plants from this site. Even my U. alpina x endresii ,which suffered most during shipping (it's leafs died shortly after arrival) revived and grows well. I'm especially happy with U. alpina x humboldtii and U. nelumbifolia x reniformis which grow with a vigor of a weed. Highly recommend!
  2. Studying at Finnish high school and will be graduating during next summer.
  3. Thanks for all the kind comments. Actually that U. nephrophylla is originally bought from Moof. Just to make it clear this Pinguicula hybrid isn't made by me. All the credit for the P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) goes to Nokkahiiri a user in finnish carnivorous plants forum.We once traded few plants and in change I received 2 leaves each from 3 different plants of P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae). All three plants are very hardy and easy to cultivate. One variety is flowering, another is making a flowerstalk, only the third one hasn't shown any signs of flowering.
  4. This post is for those guys who don't read my BLOG My Pinguicula terraria P. emarginata P. laueana P. esseriana P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) Sect. Orchioides terraria U. nephrophylla Serra dos Orgaos U. nephrophylla Serra dos Orgaos U. nephrophylla Serra dos Orgaos U. nelumbifolia Serra do Brigadeiro U. alpina x endresii U. nelumbifolia x reniformis U. nelumbifolia x reniformis U. alpina x humboldtii U. alpina U. asplundii U. livida Blue Flower
  5. That Utri seems U. bisquamata for me. I have one blooming at the moment.
  6. First flower my U. nephrophylla from Serra dos Orgaos made was all ok. Nothing special with it. But then it made a second flower on the same flowerstalk. The second flower looks like this. and a closeup Picture of the flower of U. jamesoniana for comparison. Also on my blog DW
  7. These hybrids made by you are only getting more and more spectacular. Do you already have another hybrid waiting to be shown to the world?
  8. First time seeing a colour like this on U. endresii flower. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Hey. I'd like to know how many blogs about carnivorous plants are there on the internet? Do you have a blog? Post a link in here. Here's mine: Carnivorous Garden Blog - "Carnivorous plants hobbyist from the land of thousands of lakes." I've kept this blog since 3.2.2011 and so far there are 51 posts and yet more to come. Updated at least once per month but the blog will be updated more often during summer. On my blog I will focus on Drosera, Utricularia, Cephalotus and Pinguicula, but I also write about Nepenthes and few non carnivorous plants such as orchids, chilies and cacti. Regards DW
  10. First time seeing a picture of this one. Weird but very interesting looking species.
  11. Beautiful pygmies. Especially those D. pulchella are very lovely plants.
  12. Magnifique! Those Heliamphora are really amazing.
  13. Here some pics of my collection Some kind of Crocus sp. Flowering outdoors If you look carefully you will see a bumblebee in the most right of the striped flowers. Phalaenopsis orchid continues making flowers to old flowerstalk. Ludisia discolor cuttings growing alongside with Nepenthes ampullaria 'Brunei Red' x 'Harlequin' N. ampullaria's so far biggest pitcher. It's 7 cm (2.7") high including lid. Pinguicula emarginata Pinguicula laueana Utricularia livida 'Blue' Seedgrown Utricularia calycifida from Gran Sabana. Utricularia nephrophylla from Serra dos Orgaos, Brazil. Inspired by Sebulon from CPUK I wanted to see how root system of my Utricularia alpina is doing. Here's the plant. and here's the root system I'd say that's pretty well if you notice that when I got this plant it had only two leaves and one tuber. It tried to flower for me but then I over watered it and the flowerstalk rot away. Spring coming to Finland too and temperatures are slowly going up. I think I can start ordering plants in following few weeks if the temperatures keep rising so that we will not have frost during night.
  14. 1. P. rectifolia 2. P. pilosa 3. P. laueana 4. P. hemiepiphytica 5. P. moctezumae x colimensis 6. P. 'Jannes' Well at least I tried.
  15. Heliamphora love direct sun light. Give them as much light as you can!
  16. Yeah. I've grown some plants with sand as top layer of media and it really didn't help at all. For example D. omissa x pulchella
  17. I grow many sundews from seed and one of the biggest problems for me is soil becoming overgrown by moss. Is there any way to kill the moss without hurting the seedlings or is the only way to keep them clean to pick up the moss when it grows?
  18. D. aliceae, D. capensis, D. madagascariensis, D. intermedia from Gran Sabana, D. affinis, D. burmannii, D. sessifolia, D. felix and D. oblanceolata are the plants that I would recommend. Growing all of those in same terraria with happy N. ampullaria and N. rafflesiana.