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  1. Plus even if it wasn't infertile cultivar, the plants grown from the seeds, which are result of a self pollination, would be named P. primuliflora 'Rose' x primuliflora 'Rose' and none would be true P. primuliflora 'Rose.' Plants born from self pollination will always have slightly different genes than their parent plant. Only way to get the real P. primuliflora 'Rose' is by cuttings and leaf tip plantlets.
  2. Utricularia nephrophylla. Almost constant flowering plant with delicate small white flowers.
  3. Unemployed highschool graduate, actually graduated less than hour ago. :)
  4. Thank you! :) The Darling is really amazing and very healthy looking even after it's long trip. The plant has been taken good care of and was packed well. Thank you for this amazing plant Riv!
  5. http://jigsawcarnivo...wesomeness.html Here some of my new plants. My new N. veitchii 'Golden Perisome' Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora will hopefully show it's characteristic color later in this summer :) My Darling in 18cm(7") wide pot. Also a small P. crystalina growing in the same pot. Squirrel!
  6. Generally cuttings in water work best for me. Never had any luck with leaves on soil.
  7. My U alpina used to grow on peat based mix until I received it in a swap and planted it in living sphagnum moss. I'd suggest living sphagnum moss as new mix for your plant because it works perfectly for me and it has a good airy structure. What comes for the old potting mixture I suggest you should try to gently wash most of it away. U. alpina Is pretty tolerant Utricularia and it will soon recover from re-potting.
  8. I like cats though I'm allergic to them. Luckily I've got lots of antihistamine and a gas mask.
  9. Thank you for your kind words! That really sounds better. Ecological things sure are one of the hot topics in modern world after too much industry.
  10. All of this and more available fastest at: At last I have a new terraria, old 85 liters aquarium. First I covered outer bottom, sides and back wall with aluminium foil and this is what it looked like. And this is how it looks like at the moment. D. omissa x pulchella flowered for me again. :) My first carnivorous bromeliad, Brocchinia reducta. 5 latest additions to my Genlisea collection. Clockwise from top left corner, hispidula, filiformis, roraimensis, flexuosa and aurea.
  11. You know the trick to get pineapple plants to flower, to put the plant in a plastic bag with an apple. Apple emits ethylene into air and ethylene kind of forces the pineapple plant to bloom. Brocchinia and Catopsis are closely related to pineapple, so I though does this work with carnivorous bromeliads too? Has anyone tried it?
  12. This polish site seems to have been there since 2010 but quick search here in the forum got me no results regarding to CarniSana. Has anybody ordered plants from there?
  13. Weird. These are my own seed grown plants and they are about 3cm in diameter. The seeds were bought from Tobias Kulig, who I think is a very trustworthy vendor.
  14. Some pictures for those people who are not into blogs D. paradoxa flower D. venusta D. venusta a bit closer D. tomentosa P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) leaf with a prey P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) flower Flower of another P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) P. emarginata flower U. livida 'Blue' P. moctezumae bud U. nelumbifolia x reniformis with hydrofobic leaves U. pubescens leaves U. nephrophylla flower Just in case if you got interested here's the link ---> this is the LINK
  15. Is anybody growing this plant? I love the taste of kaffir lime leaves, because it gives such a fresh lime like taste in soups, sauces, risotto and casseroles. In the end they are pricey in here so I'm thinking growing my own kaffir lime tree. Is there any shop in europe that sells seeds or plantlets of these?
  16. Not my plant or pic Pinguicula as a part of orchid's name. If interested, there is a bit more info of this plant at http://orchidspecies...tpinguicula.htm
  17. That Heliamphora tatei from Cerro just enormous. How long have you grown that plant?
  18. Absolutely amazing plant. Really want to grow this someday.
  19. What kind of conditions does Bulbophyllum makoyanum need to thrive? I'd love to grow few more orchids but can't offer them nightly temperature drops.
  20. This is what the flower looked like. Plant made several flowers but then I had to cut the flowestalk off.
  21. I sure had. All of the seedlings grew out very neat but I picked pnly the most beautiful ones to grow further.. Maybe I'll post some pictures of them here.