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  1. What about the third photo from the end? Are they all Coquillage?
  2. Bimbo is amazing! But my favorite is the Phalanx
  3. microdent and coquillage are my favorite, even if i don't have the second one according to the microdent's colour, i have seen many photos of adult microdent and this green/yellow tonality seems to be it's traditional colour. I like that more than the red microdent ;)
  4. I'm totally agree, probably only 40-50 are so much interesting and different each other
  5. Amazing plants julien, expecially the seedlings with microdents I think that could be interesting crossing them with red clones.
  6. Wonderfull vft they are amazing, expecially the last one it seems a sort of mixture between all green, fused and fondue you knok? :)
  7. very great plants!!! congratulations :) according to the dionaea, yes the colour is normal, and could be deeper red in full sun. Mines are very red :)
  8. adult typical... one particular VFT in observation, red unregular blotches on the leafs: I hope you like it :)
  9. Some VFT from my collection 5/05/2010 B-52... The Last Touch: "B-52 Canada", 36 hours's evolution: "B-52 Canada" and the Klein's one: Always the Canada: "Fused tooth extreme" it catches something! "Red Burgundy": "Clone H-15" 'Red dragon': on full sun... Nectar on the trap: the "prostrata": "UK sawtooth II" small Typical :) upright growing...
  10. ahhahahahaah great job! they are wonderfull
  11. wonderfull plants!!! i love the bicalcarata :)
  12. grat plants, the last is unbelivable :) i like it so much