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  1. Hi, i'm going to move my Nepenthes in my cellar and i'd like some advises. I'm thinking about buying a 250 Watt MH lamp for an area of about 2 square meters (21.5 square feet), a reflecting lamp holder, a power pack, reflecting mylar film, a timer, a fan for computers, some cables. Am i forgetting anything? What's the right lamp-plants distance? Do you think it's a good setting? If not, what should i do? Thank you. Cheers.
  2. Thank you Johanovich, so there's nothing special...
  3. Hi, my N. x ventrata believes to be a N. reinwardtiana ;) Actually it is only this pitcher... Anyway, why does it behave like this? What are those spots? Nectar? Wax? Does it happen often? I have this plant for 14 years but i've never noticed this phenomenon.
  4. Dave, N. x 'Miranda' is a registered cultivar, so there cannot be more than one clone. Manders, thanks, that's what i thought, but if there's someone who knows this particular clone please let me know ;)
  5. Yes: in one picture there's a Miranda pitcher on the left and the unknown plant's pitcher on the right (it's written in the picture description). All the rest is from the same unknown plant. I know that it looks very similar to N. x 'Miranda', but i have both for many years now and they are quite different indeed...
  6. bearphant

    ID please

    Hello, i have this Nepenthes for 13 years now, bought at a garden center, and i still don't know what it is. I alternately labelled it as N. x 'gentle' and N. x 'Miranda', but it is none of the two. Can you lend me a hand, please? Here are some pics:
  7. Ok, thank you. I thought it was the opposite ;)
  8. Oh ok, that's what i wanted to know! Thank you all, guys! :)
  9. Both leaves and pitchers, for what i've seen so far. So can i add "Pasian, Mindanao, Philippines" to the location data?
  10. Hi, i bought a nep labelled as Nepenthes truncata 'Highland Red'... now, let it go that the single quotes are incorrect, as they're only for registered cultivars... is it necessarily the Pasian form? or do exist other highland forms?
  11. Thank you :) and now the search for the mates begins
  12. A male??? Are you sure??? It doesn't seem very spheric to me...
  13. You did it for me??? Really?? Thank you very much! Now, thank to you, i can probably tell the sex of a flower even if it's still closed. It's a bit too early to be sure, but i'd guess that this is a female: BTW, you have quite a few neps there, huh? ;) and they're flowering like crazy!