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  1. This has to be one of my favourite plants and it has grown the best for me of all my nepenthes. I cannot remember all the information on it, but it is wild seedgrown from, I believe, Lake Poso, Sulawesi. I emailed the seller in an appeal for info (Sativ on the forum) but got no reply. I got it in late 2010 as a seedling with pitchers no larger than 3cm. By May 2011, it looked like this with a 5cm pitcher. In strong sunlight, the leaves went dark purple. By August 2011, the plant had grown many basal plantlets, due to some stress, I believe, it endured when I was on holiday. Most of these died away again but 2 survived. Between then and now, the plant has grown to be almost unrecognisable. Like its name suggests, it has stayed small (for a maxima). It has 2 vines with uppers and 2 flower spikes. It is a female. The lowers are slim and at largest about 18cm tall. They are reasonably colourful with a thin peristome and the distinctive maxima processes on the lid. The intermediate is also colourful, slightly smaller than the lower, and fades out to green at the base. This is my first nepenthes to vine and produce uppers.The uppers are more yellowish in colour with some red colouring. They are a nice shape, fattest just below the pitcher mouth and a long slim base. This is the first nepenthes to flower for me. My plant is a female and has just produced 2 flower spikes on the same vine. The older flower spike has about 55 flowers which are on single or diverged stalks. The base of the plant. It has 2 basals, one of which is vining, and another couple of tiny basals are developing. I hope you enjoyed this series of pictures of one of my favourite plants that I have. If anyone else has any photos of their plant, I would be really interested in seeing what they look like, how they compare to mine, and any info on where it comes from!
  2. John, Mary, Sam, Ryan, Susie, Bert and Typical. How'd I do?
  3. How long has it taken your platychila to start vining, Fran├žois? It looks incredible and mine has lowers that are getting bigger and bigger but no sign of vining yet! It's a super plant and one of my firm favourites.
  4. I water it both from below and lightly from the top, making sure not to soak it. Watering only from below causes the top to become quite dry.
  5. I am not sure why the top plant died back - it was a properly big plant, bigger than the other two are now. It started to die before it was potted into this setup - it isn't much drier than the rest, the sphagnum has similar moisture all the way through.
  6. Go for it; it looks nice as well! I call it my Cephalotus tower.
  7. For those interested, this setup is achieved by turning a pond plant pot upside down, cutting holes in the sides and top and filling it full of moss, planting the cephalotus, and putting it on top of another large pot filled with peat and perlite.
  8. see: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50681#entry342525
  9. Hi Richard, good to see you on the forum!
  10. I've been growing 2 of my 3 cephalotus vertically for the last year and a half or so. It's hardly scientific, but I think their growth has increased tenfold. This could be due to several factors, but they really did crawl along when grown horizontally and the change in growth was abrupt when I repotted them, increasing so almost immediately. They also have a sedge growing with them which could help. The one on top died back for some reason but is coming back quickly with a vengeance from the roots.