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  1. I have a little N. spectabilis pollen - it's north sumatra clone if you're interested (the almost black variety)
  2. durham

    Hamata Katopasa

    I believe it could be N. hamata x nigra, both the plants shown in these links were the katopasa seedlings sold by Wistuba. http://pitcherplants.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=nepwild&action=display&thread=3810&page=2 http://pitcherplants.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=10701
  3. Or you could get one of those 24m soil warming cables, that should help steam things up in there. Looks really great, hope the plant settle in well for you.
  4. Hi there, Can anyone recommend other plants to grow with highland neps? I'd like to mimic their natural habitat - I have lots of weedy ferns, but would like some other plants too. Thanks in advanced
  5. Does villosa even grow on Mt trusmadi? I thought it was restricted to Mt kinabalu and tambuyukon.
  6. durham

    Nepenthes taminii

    Cheers for the info guys. Gareth - It is Nepenthaceae's seed I've had my eye on, although I know the bad reputation I can't resist - like those platychila seed from CZplants! Got to take a risk every now and then. Dave - Whatever that is it looks amazing, its just a shame in the auction the photograph is not clearer. I asked about the seed and this was my response. N.Taminii is new species, Indonesian Carnivorous Plants Society already verified it in sumatera expedition. I took some seeds from Mt.Pasaman (West Sumatera). this is not hybrid yes this is very valuable. since i listed this product, everyday i receive tons of questions. i will upload the clearer photo soon regards, jan I'm not entirely convinced, especially as this seller has simply reversed Ricardo's jac x photos and started selling them at a higher price... Whatever it turns out to be though its not too much of a financial risk
  7. Hi there, Has any one ever heard of Nepenthes taminii? I can't find any info on it anywhere! Cheers
  8. Advice provided - thanks
  9. Last year I switched to a propane heater for my highlanders. The release of additional CO2 seemed to help them immensely. Overall heating my 6x8" to 12c for the year only cost about £250-£350. The issue was I had to allow quite a lot of air into the greenhouse to keep it burning properly. I did find that running bath water into my greenhouse helped a lot. I have a bath every evening anyway so the left over hot water might as well go to good use. It was stored in a black waterbutt at about 9-10pm everyday and raised the humidity nicely. I just had to empty it every morning. Might be worth a try?
  10. There is only one word for this. WOW
  11. Do you have a full list of the Nepenthes you have in TC?
  12. durham

    dubia hybrid

    Wow, that is gorgeous! Really nice Phil, I look forward to seeing how the uppers turn out in the future. I'm quite jealous...
  13. Oh dear... the spec x aristo was sent to me as a free gift, it is not something I particularly want. As for the villosa seeds these are most definitely fresh, I have already had a seed germinate, admittedly that is only one of 180 seeds sown - but I am certainly convinced that they are viable. I cannot comment on the lowii or spec x aristo as there has been no sign of germination yet - Most seeds I've purchased from BCP have all been good quality so I did not think it would be an issue. It is a shame to hear the CZ are still selling these seeds though, I bought from them many-a-time and they are always unfertilized husks - Quite frankly I am surprised they are still allowed to sell. Are you sure the spec x aristo have only been produced by CZ? If so I may remove the listing.
  14. This auction is mine. Seeds are from BCP (now sold out) They are certainly fresh as they were only collected a few weeks ago. I had to send ebay my passport, proof of address and a photo of myself holding the seeds in order to list these again after it was removed.
  15. Most of my plants don't seem to be that fussy, however since moving a few into a terrarium where the humidity is a lot higher (80%+) they've started growing a hell of a lot faster, with much larger pitchers, despite identical temperatures, growing media, etc. Its only really for species like jacquelineae, aristolochoiodes, jamban and flava that seem to really need it, and occasionally the hamatas. Unfortunately my greenhouse doesn't have a paved floor, so I throw water over it to raise the humidity and it just drains away into the ground.