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  1. Beware he is cheater!!

  2. Beware he is cheater!!

  3. I fixed and updated the site with new f*** here .... I hope you enjoy it ..!!!!! hello link:http://www.piantecarnivoreilblogchemorde.com/ hi
  4. I can not put my photos of plants on "cpuk forum" I put the site link my website with photos updated! I hope you like them? LINK: http://www.piantecarnivoreilblogchemorde.com/ cepha91
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  6. very nice compliments ..... my blog: http://www.piantecarnivoreilblogchemorde.com/
  7. Hello everyone I have a problem I have several types of carnivorous plants in the new greenhouse which take about 2 weeks aluminum and polycarbonate Drosera living well except the glue disappears during the day and night and day reform still goes on. . I do not know what to do? I keep always with 2-3 cm of water direct sun from morning to 7:00 in the evening at 19:00 .. I do not know thank you very much
  8. cepha91


    Here I am new I am just writing ...Hi all!!!