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  1. Hi, I have several small tubers of Amorphophalus Konjac and Sauromatum Venosum going spare, I would like to exchange for small tubers of any Arisaema or non-tropical Amorphophalus species not on my grow list (below), Amorphophallus Albus Bulbifer Konjac Arisaema Amurense Ciliatum var Liubaense Consanguineum Costatum Fargesii Flavum Franchetianum Lichiangense Tortuosum Urashima Gorgonidium contact me by PM if interested, thanks, James
  2. Sorry, I have some seedlings but can't post live plants boutside Europe, I found it easy from seed; but it does have too be fresh!
  3. Hi, Does anyone out there collect Tylecodons? If so I am keen to exchange cuttings, the species I already grow are ; Bleckiae “Rosh Pinah ISI 1778” Bodlyae “DT3623 Aucrabies” Bucholzianus “Lau16706 Schasberg, Namibia” Fragilis “Stanfontein” Hirtifolius Hirtifolius x Striatus Paniculatus Paniculatus “TS858a S.Steincopf” Pygmaeus Schaeferianus Singularis Striatus Torulosus “SV54758 Pretoria BG” Viridiflorus Walichii Any species not on my list would be welcome! PM me if interested. many thanks,