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  1. Sorry to here that Andy, drop in any time- I'll give you a shout about the plant fair nearer the time- not 100% sure what I'm doing yet but hopeful
  2. Short notice on here admittedly, didn't notice this thread until today unfortunately!
  3. The Carnivorous Plant Society open day, the second event I have hosted, three greenhouses to view, plants for sale and food to eat :) Please bring any of your own surplus plants for sale or exchange. Please PM if you are coming so I have a rough idea of numbers. Located in Gravesend, Kent PM for full address. 1-5, Saturday 6th June, but I'm here all day :) https://www.facebook.com/events/436214386557419/
  4. Thanks for the comments guys, I'm hoping to do another open day next year so watch the calender for details. My garden gets too much shade to allow me to grow my plants well on the floor so I extended one of the greenhouses upwards. I got half an old greenhouse that was being dumped locally free of charge and cannibalised it, most of the glass had to be cut to size. It takes a bit of snow fall without trouble, but I don't allow too much of it to build up and become heavy. Thanks for adding the photos Elvis, nice shots !
  5. Come as early as you like with as many plants as you like!
  6. Yes, that was me David, sorry you can't make it, enjoy the NEC.
  7. Hi all, After collecting CPs for almost twenty years, I am holding my first CPS open day on Sat. 14th June, 10am-3pm. I have an extensive collection spread over three greenhouses and two ponds, mostly sarracenia, but also dionaea, droser, nepenthes, utricularia and heliamphora. I am hoping people will bring some plants to sell, so feel free to clear your surplus stock or hopefully pick up a bargain! My address is; 120 Astra Drive Gravesend Kent DA12 4QE Non members also welcome. PM or find me on facebook me for further details or to let me know you are coming so I have an idea of numbers- hope to see a few of you there!
  8. Im pretty sure its a thelocactus-don't know the species though.
  9. I think its possibly monvillea spegazzinii- it does indeed have large white nocturnal blooms, but it will need to grow a bit!
  10. Does anyone know how I could change profile name? I would like to change it so I have the same name here as on facebook-is this possible or do I need to set up a new acount under the new name? thanks for any help, James
  11. After many years trying I've never got this one to flower- what's the secret?!
  12. Amorphophallus Konjac or Albus are both relatively easy and might be worth a try.