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  1. Here are some of my crossings, I would do others of better quality ;) 1- 2- 3- 4-
  2. inoxy

    Seed of 2013

    Seed of 2013 that I nearly lost that takes again well, about 5cm of diameter still young, We will see later ;-)
  3. inoxy

    Some photos...

    Very nice :-)
  4. Hello, Drosera in a mixture of peat, perlite, and a mixture of sand of different size. out on my balcony next to my dionaea. best regards, Stéphane :-)
  5. they are beautiful, I love !
  6. this is an interesting experiment, thanks
  7. Le 29-10-2014 Le 02-11-2014 Le 04-11-2014 Le 08-11-2014
  8. It's here -> insektenfang I ordered almost as large : A08 Sarracenia alata - Black Tube - Desoto, Mississippi - VERY LARGE A09 Sarracenia alata - Black Tube - Pubescent - DeSoto, Mississippi - VERY LARGE A25 Sarracenia alata - Bulbous Red Lid, Heavy Vein - Stone County, Mississippi - LARGE A06 Sarracenia alata - Black Tube - DeSoto, Mississippi - VERY LARGE L02b Sarracenia leucophylla - ex. Adrian Slack - SMALL L02a Sarracenia leucophylla - Very Red - ex. Adrian Slack - LARGE Paiement par Paypal I have today received, they are in perfect condition and very well pac
  9. this plant does not come from me in the beginning, this is a boutture they gave me. the mother plant gives this. here absolutely not
  10. A new picture of the new trap, not yet an adult
  11. Thanks, multiple teeth, but she is still young ;-)
  12. It is still mid-adult, but is beginning to see the features.