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  1. Is a big shame he has gone, he's one of the best! Bad wishes to those who hounded him off the group
  2. Gardenofeden? He hasn't posted on the forums since late last year.
  3. Another great day out and another chance to scoff some of Victorias' delicious lemon cake After an almost complete wipeout thanks to my neighbour watering my CP's with concentrated cactus feed for a few months, it was a great opportunity to restock my greenhouse from scratch. My thanks to Stephen and Victoria for hosting, and to those who brought along plants for sale. Can't wait until the next one
  4. There will NOT be a next time, I'm going to become a hermit and not stray more then 50 feet from the greenhouse
  5. The cacti weren't watered very often, maybe once a week, but I'll be keeping an eye on them just in case. Since it's spring now, I think I'll repot them all or at least check the roots to make sure nothing's amiss. Yah, it was an error leaving the weedkiller watering can in the greenhouse, but he had a one-in-five chance of picking that particular one (the others are all green). Anyway, who 'sprays' plants with a watering can when there's a sprayer next to it? I've been saving up to buy another greenhouse to house the overflow from the first, will not need to do that for a couple of years now :/
  6. Been away working down south for a few months, so asked a neighbour to look after the CP's and cacti in the greenhouse with clear, written instructions - rainwater for the CP's, tapwater and cacti food for.... well I suppose you can guess what that was for Keep the CP's moist during the winter, increase water in the spring. On my return a couple of weeks ago, the cacti were still looking good, but the CP's decidedly less so. It turns out he was using tapwater for the CP's as well as for the cacti, complete with cacti food (and he also got the measures wrong - instead of 1/2 teaspoon per 5 litres, he was giving 1 teaspoon per litre). He did get one thing almost right though. I told them they like regular spraying, so he sometimes sprayed them with one of my watering cans (instead of the plant sprayer that is in the greenhouse). Unfortunately he used the red watering can, which i use for weedkiller I don't know if that contributed to the almost total wipeout, but.... So, now I'm saving up my pennies for when I to to Stephen's open day. If you're going there too, bring lots of plants with you, I've got a greenhouse to fill
  7. It would do if it was fully panelled, but he would only need 3 frames to securely fasten the guttering, plus some bracing to stop it from keeling over. Will hardly affect the amount of sun coming in....
  8. Just a thought, but if it's impossible to attach brackets directly to the frame of the greenhouse, could a wooded structure (imagine something like a wooden lean-to) be made that would place the guttering in the right position? I've included a diagram, and then thought that it might also be useful as a cold-frame....
  9. Flytyer


    Looks spectacular, well done.
  10. Congratulations Gary, you certainly have the knack
  11. I think you got Bert and Typical mixed up....
  12. The easiest way of removing them from your skin is to get some strong sticky tape (duck tape for eg), place over the spines moving the tape slightly sideways as you press it on, then whip it off fast. Repeat a couple more times and they should all be gone.
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