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  1. The main issues for me personally are that the leave campaign blatently lied about the issues of imigration and NHS funding. If you have a look at BBC news website it's easy enough to find news clips where Farage backtracks on the much banded about £350 Million a week promise to the NHS. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/eu-referendum-result-nigel-farage-nhs-pledge-disowns-350-million-pounds-a7099906.html Also I work with young people, several of my students are apprentices. Some have been told that their jobs are at risk because thier company needs a base in the EU. It probably wont affect me that much, I have only 8 years till retirement, I voted remain for my children and all other young people in this country. Baz
  2. Hi everyone We spent the last week in Ireland and managed to get over to Roscommon. Thanks to some hints from a post by fishcps and quite a lot of time on the internet, google maps and OSi I managed to find the site fairly easily. Here's some pictures of purpureas on on the bog .near Tarmonbarry. http://s1084.photobucket.com/user/Sarraman/slideshow/ I think there may be more plants further into the bog but I only had a pair of shoes with carrier bags tied over them (forgot wellies).. The images were taken using my phone so not as good as I'd like but it was well worth the visit and great to see the plants growing pretty much as they would in their native environment.
  3. From my experience Sarracenia are fine overwintered outside, in fact it ensures that the plants enter dormancy. I just make sure that they are not too waterloged. I actually think that they benefit from being outside in winter. I cant imagine sticking all my plants in the fridge for the winter.. does any one actually do this? Baz
  4. Speaking only for the water in my part of the world, I have grown Sarracnia for many years on tap water only when living in Devon and Cornwall. Last year I set up a water butt to collect from the roof. I have to supplement this with tap water. I havent noticed any difference over the past year in the health of the plants. Baz
  5. Thanks to everyone who came along to my first open day and for Dennis, John and Ian's hospitality this weekend. John's was the usual sarra- fest and had a great time dispite the slight wetness! Also a pleasure to visit Dennis and Carol again after a break of a few years. Also, what a surprise to see Ian's collection of plants co-habiting with exotic butterflies, axolotls and stick insects! Met some new people, saw some amazing plants and added a few plants to the collection, (thanks to Dennis and Ian for that) also swopped some plants and ideas, what a great weekend! 'Twas a good do' as we say in Cornwall! Cheers Baz
  6. Thanks for getting in touch Steve, looking forward to seeing you again on Saturday! Cheers Baz
  7. Hi everyone Details for my open day this weekend are on my website at this address, http://bazgoodman.wix.com/sarracenia It would be handy to know aproximate numbers so If you're planning to pop in then please drop me a line, it would be tragic if we ran out of cake! Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend Best regards Baz
  8. Hi all, find my new website at the address below,i'ts just a template job on one of the free servers,let me know if there are any problems. http://bazgoodman.wix.com/sarracenia Best regards Baz
  9. Thanks guys, i thought perhaps the ultrasonic gadets might not work, I'd read that the sprinklers work well but there isnt a mains tap nearby, looks I'll have to find somewhere that sells Lion poo! Cheers
  10. Hi My dad had a problem with cats in his garden and near his bird table. Has anyone tried the ultrasonic cat scarers? Ive also heard that tiger poo can be used, has anyone used this method? Cheers Baz
  11. Just looked further and found that freehosting cloud have closed thier free hosting service! Still doesnt explain the malicious software threat though.... Cheers Baxz
  12. Hi Matrid and Linuxman Thanks for the reply It started off as my own and i merged a template. I just been looking on the hosting page and all the files have gone, it looks pretty serious. It looks as though my domain has been closed by freehosting cloud, dont know why. I also dont understand how there can be malicious code there if the domain has been closed? Im not an expert om this stuff, i can write a bit in html and edit stuff but thats about it. I dont think I'll be able to recover the site now. I dont have as recent backup of the site and dont have time to write a new one from scratch. Cheers Baz
  13. Hi everyone. Wondered if anyone could help My site has suddenly acquired a threat warning according to google. is this a browser setting or is there really a problem? www.cornwallcarnivores.freehostingcloud.com/growing.html Any advice would be much appreciated im using Norton IS if that makes any difference... Regards Baz
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone! Baz and Elle
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