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  1. I dont think any really 'highland' plants personally I would say intermediate.
  2. I'm looking for new clones of these plants, I have seedlings of N.palawanensis to trade. PM if interested. S
  3. I think in the N.hemisphere additional lighting helps the plants tick over in deep winter, but in my opinion the 'gain' in growth on large plants to does not outway the significant cost of running lights in a greenhouse. However lighting for seedlings is a different matter...
  4. Hi for lots of reasons that I wont bore you with Ive had a dreadful growing year, probably the worst since I started growing neps. However I'm finally starting to see some new growth again aerial rajah pitcher the plant is becoming a monster to give you some kind of scale, see the small rajah plants at the bottom of the above photo? Well they arent' that small. a few others that I snapped N.Trus x izumea, I love the dark colour of this hybrid A nice cluster of lowii x ventricosa pitchers and finally N.hamata? (red hairy form) Now things are establishing in the new greenhouse I hope to post more soon. S
  5. Bill the fact that your rain water gives a reading of 55 and 135 depending upon where you collect says to me, whats the big deal? Far too much science and over analysis with CP growing if you ask me. S
  6. Adrian you can't beat Yorkshire water unfortunately Thames water is not as CP friendly. Every year I swear I won't go short again and despite increasing the number of water butts I always run out. Without wanting to sound like Mike (sorry Mike) I've gone through 2000L of stored rainwater. Scorchio today ..again and when i got home half my neps were as flaccid my todger after seven pints of Stella. Gotcher no stream only the Thames nearby and carrying is not an option. I think I will just end up repotting everything into fresh media at the end of the year.
  7. with no sign of the hot weather letting up and therefore no rain around the corner anybody any idea how long sarras will survive in tap water before adverse effects are seen? S
  8. Nice photos.I visited Ibitipoca on my last trip to Brazil, its a beautiful place. I'm currently thinking about a trip to Chapada Diamantina. Anyone any suggestions? Thanks S
  9. Thats what a grow house should look like to get the best out of neps. Quality (green with envy)
  10. My lowii x truncata female flowers are opening now. 50:50seed split. PM if interested. S
  11. Thanks guys I will try some of the suggestions. S
  12. Matt I hope you were joking about your second suggestion.
  13. Hi I've got a few helis coming into flower folliculata, chimantensis, neblinea, parva and pupurescens. Id quite like to have a go at making a cross but I've always believed there was some black art involved, like having a small hawk mothered tethered on a lead to the flower stem. Can anyone bust this myth for me and offer advice. Thanks S
  14. Andy is notoriously slow and replying but I'm sure he will............just chill
  15. H, I've got lots of female aristo flowers at various stages, if anyone has any aristo pollen please let me know otherwise the scissors are out. S
  16. From my experience non of the truncatas grow like true highlanders in highland conditions, I agree with Mark they are probably really intermediates.
  17. Superb photos Jeremiah and what a trip. Interesting some of the macrophylla have lid secretions, a characteristic one would expect to see in a N. xTrus. However they still look like macrophylla although the peristomes do have the odd protrusion. Possibly (macro x lowii) x macro what does everybody else think? They remind me of one of Wistubas macrophylla clones that seems by common consent to be classed as N.xTrus, although its not a primary x Trus hybrid for sure. Obviously there are lot of complex crosses on Trusmadi.
  18. Mark I see this sometimes, it doesnt seem to harm the plants but looks unsightly. Not sure why but my plants seems to grow through it and start to produce unaffected leaves eventually. S
  19. Mark I've been through the place on the way to Ubatuba don't remember much, but Atlantic rainforest worth trekking in.
  20. .....if you have one of these on your balcony just inform air traffic control otherwise you might get a few planes trying to land there. They are good but be warned they give off a lot of heat as I learnt a longtime ago when I scorched all my neps.
  21. you cross this with this ....well after 6 months they've just started to germinate and I'm hoping it might shed some light on the hamata forms.
  22. Hi Jeremiah I have a rigidifolia in flower not sure what sex yet I will let you know. Also several female aristo in flower looks like there's going to be a lot of aristo x rigidifolia around soon. S
  23. Simon Lumb


    Hi, who has the male tenuis in flower, which forum? Thanks S