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  1. hi wants or sales topics are here:
  2. Indeed, this plant is more beautifull. I don't know if this plant will be as good
  3. This is my little experience I am inspired by this article to make my tank (it's french) this is my installation : in a large tank, I put a mixture of peat moss with sand (5cm). peat should be moistened beforehand. Remove the pieces floating. Above, I put the geotextil, not peat rises to the surface. The geotextil is maintained by a layer of sand or gravel or pozzolan (3cm). Substrate height is greater on one side so that Carex, Rushes are located 15 to 20 cm up to the surface of the water. allow these plants to oxygenate the water. Require drilli
  4. Sorry, I made a mistake for the photo owner. I will contact Charles to ask for his permission. Indeed, pictures must come from these collection plants. For all the pictures in this topic, I request permission to stick in this topic. I prefer adult plants to be sure to have charactérices clones. At any time, you can delete your photos of this topic, if you want. Let me know.
  5. Thanks for this nice pictures. I complete this topic regularly
  6. hi Today, there are many cultivars Cephalotus in the collections. However, it is sometimes difficult to find them characteristics or to differentiate between them. This problem is existing tor dionaea species, where the number of cultivars grown significantly in recent years. In dionaea, differences between clones are not always visible (and not be absent). What why, I propose to make a description of all existing clones today with the creator's name, the cultivar characteristics (color, size of pitcher ...) and post a picture (aldut plant). The difficulty is that growing conditions have a s
  7. this year, I bought lot of seeds so lot of species are in germinating. I will make the picture soon.
  8. Hi all My name is Amaury, I'm 31 years old. I grow carnivorous plants since 4 years but this year I stepped up this passion. I have a preference for Drosera, Heliamphora, Genlisea, and others too. I have 7 terrarium and 3 green house (only one green house is fonctional to date) My English is not good, that's why my English best friend is "translation google".