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  1. Bienvenido Fernando ^^
  2. Hello friends , really interesent post , i want start in indoor grow . First i think i want practice whit germinator but i don't know this leds it's ok for carnivorous plants germination & grow?ámpara-Iluminación-Hidropónica-Crecimiento/dp/B01D4FZ50C/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1480030425&sr=8-4&keywords=leds 225 165 rojos 60 azul
  3. TheIrOnMaN

    Live Sphagnum

    Amazing Smooter , how to buy this sphagnum is really amazing
  4. Hello guys , i'm want make a little Germinator on my room,, i'm Like Tropical Droseras and Petiolarix Complex Group , what is Best Ilumination for Germination and Grow this indoor? and how many hours for germination/ at day? . Thanks!!!
  5. hello friends, i'm breeding butterfly and i need grow some aristolochia if you have seeds send m'p please:)
  6. my little work dedicated to the butterfly park.. Malaga(Spain)
  7. ID : ? ? ? ? Other ID : ???? Thanks for all
  8. artificial light? or sun? .thanks for all
  9. cool , really good , do you use G3? frigde ? or only natural : - ) , best regards ignacio D . PD: how long time in germinatión ? .
  10. i try last whit 50 seeds of vft , no stratification only germination 5 , i know others friends make a 2-3moth in frigde and 90% germination :o
  11. Greetings friends, I like your recommendation for starting seeds of Dionaea and Sarracenia with the maximum success possible, need to be in the refrigerator for how long?. best regards Ignacio D
  12. occidentalis ssp australis? : - )
  13. mm ok, I'll watch if I see any symptom bad, will retire, further questions as I can provide more moisture? the get in a covered tupperware? , Begins the summer and very hot and arid winds , seek him a place in the shade in the greenhouse that indirect light . thanks
  14. is bad for them? is it off? , Thanks
  15. thanks , y try 30% silica 20% perlite 30% Peat moss + 20% sphagnum live moss is good ?
  16. Greetings friends, I bought some Regia D. and D. Adelae, I would like to advise me what kind of mixed use, so start with a good start, mixing of substrate is doing well? I suppose to fit them in a place with little direct sun, with their advice and hope to maintain humidity, etc. .. Best regards Ignacio D
  17. my baby capensis, skating on the ice, a month later I was in perfect condition and bloom from spain hehe 4x4 capensis Best regards Ignacio D
  18. Congratulations Will, you have the house of my dreams, to fill that space Carnivorous! Best regards ignacio D
  19. Greetings friends, on Monday bought my first Nepenthes, I give the data of the species to give me some basic advice to keep in good condition and very well cultivate. That mixture of substrate recommend me, location put it in the shade?, Semi-shade? I'm from Spain, now begins the summer season is a very hard and very dry hot winds, protection should put any ideas? . thanks Species Nepenthes x hookeriana Variety - Origin Natural hybrid rafflesiana x ampullaria Best regards Ignacio D
  20. further questions, which put amount of substrate to mix :Silica40% And Sand Peat 60% ? Best regards . Ignacio D
  21. Thank you very much for the advice, I will follow them all, if in a few weeks aver improve, upload photos within 15 days to see if it improves their appearance and make them indirect light and shadow with distilled water
  22. yes, this dusan plants ,peat moss 70% 30%perlite, I was watering with tap water ,but it is not something new, in fact all my carnivorous sundews and are watered well for years and are perfect nose that can be the problem, apart and water them with distilled water to see if it changes for the better?