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  1. Amazing bro i need this specie for my growlist next time
  2. Hello friends , i'm looking for buy Maxsea in EU/Spain But only available in usa and shipping are terrible expensive do you know any website for buy in eu a normal price? thanks you!
  3. Hello friends i'm testing indoor whit this setup Led: Timer: i'm make 12h Light on and 12h Light off the seeds are 3 Droseras and 2 VFT and y add 1
  4. Hello someone buy this Cephalothus to Klein i'm want pictures or how to big are . thanks you!
  5. Hello friends this is pinguicula rectifolia? Thanks you for help
  6. Hello i'm reactivate my blog can you add in spanish section? thanks!
  7. Hello friends , really interesent post , i want start in indoor grow . First i think i want practice whit germinator but i don't know this leds it's ok for carnivorous plants germination & grow?ámpara-Iluminación-Hidropónica-Crecimiento/dp/B01D4FZ50C/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1480030425&sr=8-4&keywords=leds 225 165 rojos 60 azul
  8. TheIrOnMaN

    Live Sphagnum

    Amazing Smooter , how to buy this sphagnum is really amazing
  9. Hello guys , i'm want make a little Germinator on my room,, i'm Like Tropical Droseras and Petiolarix Complex Group , what is Best Ilumination for Germination and Grow this indoor? and how many hours for germination/ at day? . Thanks!!!
  10. hello friends, i'm breeding butterfly and i need grow some aristolochia if you have seeds send m'p please:)
  11. my little work dedicated to the butterfly park.. Malaga(Spain)
  12. ID : ? ? ? ? Other ID : ???? Thanks for all