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  1. Very interesting project. But I have to admit you always surprise me with awesome looking pots.
  2. mobile, The quote bellow is posted with permission of the author because it was part of our personal conversation. " I have been in Fred's greenhouse many times back in 1980 - 1990 because he lived very close to me. I used to spend $25 that was a lot money for me back then and I was 24 years old so long time ago right. I never bought anyhing " Giant" from Fred simply because he never label or sold his Cephalotus clone as "Giant" neither Fred ever label this clone in his price list as "Giant". I still have his price list back in the 1980 and small plant cost $3, medium sized $5. Moreover Fred or anyone here in Australia has ever sold any Cephalotus labeled as "Giant". I have no idea who has added "Giant" of Fred's clone but it sounds like good sale point to me...."
  3. Its good that I read the post of "lilacina" earlier.....When u delete posts of members, please delete them in the way so that the others can uderstand whose post was deleted. Otherwise u can get wrong impression for member participant in this thread.... and can be seen as unfriendlly of you....
  4. Thank you for the information. But I have to ask 8 cm size with or without the lid of the pitcher? BTW, I spoke with Australian grower who has been very good friend with Fred Howell and he told me from what exactly location Fred Howell has his plants from. Of course I won't tell in public this location because I prefer the plant to remain with the name as is known so far and not to appear unneccessary confusions between the growers. I saw and sale list from Fred Howell back in 1980 - 1987 and small plant from this clone has cost $3 and medium size $5.... :)
  5. Yes. Just some of the biggest pitchers of typical are old and have already started to die now in the autumn, compared to newly formed summer pitchers of Hummer.
  6. Both clones are from Charles. You can compare the size by yourself. Hummer - left. Typical - right. So far the typical is winner...
  7. Adrian - thank you for the pics. I saw them all in facebook. Looking forward for plant updates :) Harro - thank you for the pic. Looks very nice plant and I'll try to add this clone in my collection... However, I don't know who is Ibenberger neither Stephan Lenssen but I spoke with some Australian growers and here is what one of them told me: " I knew Fred Howell since 1980. One of the very early growers and sellers in Australia. Fred was a good friend of Steve Beckwith the guy who sent rhizomes to John Hummer and may have had some of the plants that were sent to John Hummer. It was so long ago and Fred is dead now." Interesting information though...
  8. I will update this thread in the winter...
  9. I water my Cephs more than 7 years this way and so far I haven't lost single plant caused by crown rot...
  10. Very nice plant and the pot is real killer. Isn't it Cephalotus " Tom Thumb"?
  11. Cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, who knows.... or in other words everything else but not Dionaea seedlings.... Really sorry.
  12. Do u refer to this thread? Could you offer the same plant/clone at lower price?
  13. I would recommend this German seller... http://popow-orchids.com/Lepanthes/
  14. I agree. I notice the same tendency in my conditions as well. It looks like stable clones are those with unique pitcher shape. I can say with certain that Cephalotus "Squat" is quite stable clone and shows the same characteristics as in my also in other growers conditions.
  15. Jin, thanks for your question. Well, years ago I received 2 plants from Charles Brewer and to be absolutely honest Jennifer Lei ( Pokie) sent them to me. Anyway, one of the plants really shows wide mid rib and this plant stays greenish in my conditions. The other plant shows not so wide mid rib but gets very dark almost black color. I really have no idea which of the two plants is Hummer Giant since the 2 plants have differences and I have spoken directly with Charles Brewer about this. He tells me that both are Hummer Giant, now I wonder should I doubt in Charles words - you tell me :)) First plant Second plant
  16. lalle973, I read your comment several times, but unfortunately I really do not understand what you are trying to explain... However, If you feel something wrong with my plants I offer for sale, just don't buy from me. P.S. please, don't use my pictures in your posts as you don't have permission from me.
  17. No, I'm not sure, but I don't have another explanation myself. All my plants are greenhouse grown and they get one and the same conditions - light, sun, water, etc. and it seems the ones that have these genes form vertical lids compared to others in same conditions that never form vertical lids.... But If you have better explantion, please share your thoughts. You are welcome! I would be happy to see pictures of your plants as well. Please, feel free to post them in this thread. Here is another seed grown plant with vertical lid posted especially for you.
  18. Hello Sonia, I think the size varies of the pitchers and it is between 4.5 - 5 cm ( without the lid) but with the lid included it easily achieve 7.5 - 8 cm but I think the measurments with lid are not fair because this varies, so 4.5 - 5 cm is fair to me.
  19. Hello, well, the vertical open lids are due to the plant genes and this doesn't depend on any growing conditions, so if the plant has these genes it will form vertical open lids of the pitchers, no matter how young or old is the plant. Here are examples of location seed grown plants where you can see even the youngest plants form vertical open lids. Just the first adult pitcher is with vertical open lid compared to other seed grown plants from the same batch that don't form vertical open lids, so to me this factor depends on the plant genes. Vertical open lid Normal lid
  20. Cephalotus typical from Charles Brewer...
  21. Now please explain to all of us what is this clone since u blame me that I have sold not typical from Charles Brewer but another clone? Cephalotus typical from Charles Brewer.
  22. You are always welcome! How you can claim that I have sold not typical from Charles Brewer but another clone since you haven't bought the exact clone from me? Would you tell us please how many clones labeled as "typical" exist in Charles Brewer collection?
  23. As far as I can see you are expert and since you think I have sold not typical from Charles Brewer but another clone, why you don't tell to all of us what I have sold ? And since I don't know the characteristics, why you don't tell them to all of us?