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  1. Hi everybody, thank you guys for the answer. Carl, I followed your advice and I cut the pots with a cutter knife and place them in bigger pots without turning them up. The fluid in the pitchers remained. The plants didn't feel the change at all I think because I provide them the same conditions. Here are some pictures below; they look very happy in their new home. Now they are in sunnier place to get more colour. Matt, for the repotting I prefer to use peat and perlite 50:40 and 10% quartz sand. The soil is well drained and the air reaches the roots. You know this very well. This mix works well for me. But according to me the soil is not so important than the environment is.
  2. Hi guys, I have 2 Cephs which are now in 7 cm pots. They grew very much in about a year or so. I didn't know anything about growing them before that but thanks to a forum member - Mobile and his advice they grew strong and beautiful plants. Thanks once again to him. Now they cover the pots and I don't know if this is the time to repot them in bigger ones? The roots can be seen under the holes in the pot. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you guys for the help and advice. I preferred to use dried sphagnum, perlite and a little live sphagnum moss for my plants. I hope that it will work. Here are my little N. truncata:
  4. Hi guys, today I received 2 plants from Wistuba site Nepenthes truncata Philippines. They came to me bare rooted, covered with sphagnum. I pot them as they were in a mix of coconut fibre and perlitte and I added live sphagnum under them. I don't have much experience with them. I am asking for proper advice everyone who can help. I want to know is that mixture good for them or to change it? Thanks in advance, Dimitar
  5. Thank you guys for the good advices!. I hope I'll succeed in this with your help. Regards, Dimitar
  6. Hi everyone, today I received seeds from N. Thorellii Red Giant and N. reinwardtiana x eustachya. I don't know in what substrat to plant them because I am new at this. I accept any kinds of advices and thanks in advance for the help. Best regards, Dimitar
  7. Guys, thanks for the answers to everyone! The seeds are sown in live sphagnum moss when it grow over them and cover them, what to do? Greetings, Dimitar
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am a little puzzled bacause I just only sprinkle them over the compost of sphagnum. Is it necessary to cover them with a top layer of sphagnum? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone , Ten days ago I sew seeds from Nepentes globosa in live sphagnum but they still haven't come up yet. How long will it take for the seeds to grow? Thanks, Dimitar
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  11. Hi everyone in this wonderful forum! I'm from Bulgaria and I have grown CP since a few months. I would like to meet friends here and to share experience. Regards Dimitar
  12. Thanks Manders What humidity does the N.hookeriana need? Is it Ok to sprinkle water on its leaves?
  13. Hi everyone, I bought Nepenthes Hookeriana and I don't know how to grow it! I searched in the net but I didn't find almost anything for it. What conditions are appropriate and is it possible to grow in a terrarium? Any advices would help! Thanks http://media.snimka.bg/5197/016648645.jpg Regards Dimitar
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    Hi how often do you re-pot your plants? Mine are planted three months ago and are put in one pot. At what age they are matured plants? Thanks, Regards Dimitar
  15. I want to ask you which carnivorous plants are appropriate for growing with Ceph in a terrarium? Thanks!
  16. Thank you - I didn't think about that. I grow the Ceph together with some types of Nepenthes and Heliamphora in the terrarium. That is why I have this high level of humidity. But I will get a fan. I don't know if the conditions are acceptable for both types of plants? I hope you could tell me. I like very much these types and I don't want to lose them. Sorry, I don't understand if I should re-fill the pitchers of the Ceph? Thank you.
  17. Thanks to all for the professional advices. I appreciate very highly Mobile's help (the person named in the Forum) who helped me for the uploading of the photos. Let me ask you about growing Ceph - from one month I grow it in a terrarium where the humidity is 80% and at night it is above 90%. The temperature in the day is 20-24 C and at night 16-18C - is this proper during this period? Do I need to re-fill the pitchersif the liquid is not much? Thanks!!!
  18. http://media.snimka.bg/4913/016080896.jpg
  19. The pots are not very big - they are standard type. Unfortunately I don't know how to put pictures because I am new. How old must be the plant to re-pot it?
  20. Hi everyone I have 2 Cephi that live in small pots. Thaey have 4-5 big pitchers and some smaller ones. Do they need to be re-potted; what age and what are the signs for this? Thanks!