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  1. Very nice plants is what I can see here. Good job, Jorn !
  2. Furna, these are healthy plants with very nice coloration but do they have names? I can't be sure but I think the plant is maybe cross with C. "Big Boy" or "Big Boy x self ". I really have no idea but it grows bigger than C." Big Boy" in my conditions. We never will know the truth around this clone...
  3. Ron, those have absolutely great coloration. Where did u get your typical from?
  4. Seed grown Northcliffe x self DD-C001 starts getting color /
  5. The shade cloth has been removed and with the temps drop at night starts coloring. Both plants are seed grown Two Peoples Bay. I'll try to update this thread regularly. Everyone is invited to get part posting pictures of his plants as well. Please, feel free do this.
  6. dimitar

    CMB DD-C002

    Selected seed grown Cephalotus Coal Mine Beach DD-C002 . The plant tends to grow fat, short, wide and quite "squatish" already several years. This year autumn color and shape. Last year pitcher shape. Winter color.
  7. And u have to buy the book, so u are able to see the cultivar which is quite clearly nonsense.
  8. This is not true ! However, please tell us how ICPS match picture and text of the following registered cutivars - Cephalotus 'Jason's Arks', Cephalotus 'Tina's Hallelujah Trumpet, Cephalotus 'Donna's Destiny' ....How were they registered since both the description and the photos are missing?
  9. First you need to change the privacy before someone can see them...
  10. a month later with temps down to 10C in the greenhouse...
  11. dimitar

    Restrepia Orchids

    Those are very nice. Great plants as allways, Ron.
  12. I recommend u to reread the whole thread from my first post to the last one again and I'm sure u will answer yourself without asking me... Why you don't ask these people straight?
  13. I wouldn't bet on it... how many different named clones do u grow, so u can make such conclusions?
  14. Hi Christian, 1. Good info and thanks. Then the right name should be Cephalotus clone from Botanical Garden in Sidney..... since Harald Weiner ( not WeinerT ) is not the originator of this clone......, not Klaus Keller, True Giant, C. "Giant Rudi Fuerst", C. "Giant Günter Eitz" etc.... 2. As u wrote the names under your Wilhelma plants this eaxactly means 2 different clones. 3 Sorry, not me but you should be very careful when writting the names because as u wrote under your pic: "Giant ( Weiner ) Klaus Keller clone " means exactly the same - renaming the plant and different clone...... For example: If I get this clone from you and following your style I have to name it - "Giant ( Weiner ) Klaus Keller clone ( Christian Klein ) clone" ? Or better directly Giant Christian Klein clone? 4. if someone get it from me he should name it Giant Dimitar.......this is your logic in point 4.... 5. Only time will tell... So, please think about all this again since u have 40 years experience collecting plants. Dimitar
  15. I agree. Recently I saw allegedly famous German grower Christian Klein on facebook to name the same clone as : "Giant ( Weiner ) Klaus Keller clone " . And he also recognized 2 different Wilhelma clones... BG Wilhelma and "different" BG Wilhelma (BG Mainz) clone...it seems the German growers like renaming the names... or name one and the same clone with 2 different names... :)
  16. Those are healthy & great looking plants, Ron. Happy to see 2 peeps as well....
  17. partisangardener, I'm not sure if u understand the meaning of this thread reading your two posts above ? We discuss naming the plants after the growers and would this help...do u understand this? For example, what do u think if I get Cephalotus " True Giant " from you and then I name it C. "Giant Partisangardener" , would this help to CPs community and does it make the plant different?