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  1. Well, seems the clone from Fred Howell is another lost clone. Now In cultivation there are 2 totally different clones mamed Cephalotus Fred Howell and both come from Germany and spread around.... The question is which one is the genuine? I'll let this question open.... so everyone can decide for himself....
  2. Here is another version with no thick peristome and not so wide mid rib.
  3. Well all is said in the title, so please post picture of your Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant', Here is my version. The clone has quite large thick peristome and wide mid rib. This clone always stays greenish under my conditions.
  4. Coal Mine Beach area, pics taken by John Yates and posted with his permission. In this case runners flower, not small plants but also seedlings can be seen around.
  5. Does anyobody can provide at home in cultivation the same soil, water, food, conditions etc. that they grow in the wild? I would advice you to cut the flower stalk, because your plant is way too small and the stalk will take almost all energy of the plant. Even smaller plants than your can flower but in most cases they die...
  6. Very nice plants, Harro. Keep up the good job!
  7. He is online almost every day in facebook, so if u use Fb u can ask him straight in private live chat....
  8. Cheers Ron, Directly from your computer you can not. First u need to upload the pic somewhere like "Photobucket, Picasa, Flickr etc it is up to u. PM me with pic please :)
  9. No, "Big Boy" is 5 months older according to my records.
  10. Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant' vs. Cephalotus "Big Boy" ( HG left, BB right).
  11. Why do u want to repot your plant? To me looks quite happy as it is...
  12. Next time I'll start thread " Beware from eBay seller ".. but who is he?.....will let u to guess... as I'll keep my right to hold back the name :) When someone starts with: "Bewere of someone...." either u dare to say the truth who is he or better don't start public thread. But I always enjoy such clever threads like this one
  13. To be honest it doesn't matter to me wether u are in the committee or not...it was just easy to say the name of the person....
  14. Without being given name, nickname etc.. yes it is pointless.....for example I can think that u are that scammer...
  15. No I don't know who is the guy but since u know who is he - say the name, nick, email etc. Otherwise your post is pointless....
  16. Hello, does anyone have Cephalotus clone from Jerry Jackson's collection called Cephalotus "Robust" or at least some of his clones from his collection? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks! The pics bellow are from Jerry's collection and are taken from : http://ocps.proboards.com/thread/6498/cephs-unda?page=3
  17. Northcliffe x self "Unknown".