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    CPUK is now run by CPS. Looks like they will inflict much more moderation that Andy did ever. You have more moderators than members and all I see is a slow dying forum and it has been dying for years. Now the CPS will ensure it keeps going in that direction . However, nothing personal but it is quite ironic that Sheila is global moderator here now as she abondoned CPUK forum when Aidan and all his cronies moved to his doomed to fail forum as it happened... Freedom of speech, hey
  2. dimitar


    I wouldn't surprise if your thread also may end up locked... lately it seems isn't good for u in CPUK if u state freedom of speech.
  3. Just criminal....a very expensive read...
  4. dimitar


    Another bullshit eBay seller mislead the people...but who gives a sh**..... He presents picsture Hummer's Giant as "German Giant"... Here is the original picture of Dimitri's plant Hummer's Giant... Thread here...
  5. dimitar


    I really wonder when this Polish seller will stop stealing other people's pics and cheating the buyers on eBay. This time he stole pic of "Vigorous Clumping" of Paul Barden's and tries to present it again as " Big Boy ".... Here is the opriginal pic of "Vigorous Clumping " when u can find it in Photofinder....http://cpphotofinder.com/cephalotus-vigorous-clumping-2015.html
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    Don't u see his eBay nick in the attached eBay print screen shot above?
  7. dimitar


    The same seller use another stolen pic of Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant' and presents it as "Big Boy". A shame really... Bellow is the link where the 'Hummer's Giant' picture originates from and the owner of the picture in thread called : Sick Ceph. It seems the seller mislead the people on purpose . Sadly enough the seller is CPUK member from what he said to me on eBay. However, nothing new under the old sun though...
  8. Very nice plants. The Coelogyne is amazing!
  9. Yes Orchids... Pic 1 - Orchis morio Pic 2 - Orchis purpurea Pic 3 Weed Pic 4 Weed Pic 5 Orchis simia
  10. Hi Hannah, No, I've never used fert/feeding for Cephalotus.
  11. Hi, The plant emerging from dormancy with shy flat leaves. I repotted the plant into bigger pot ready for the new growing season.
  12. Same here, they all emerging from dormancy. Many of them had flower stalks but they were removed as I don't need seeds...
  13. Harro, Carl has patented Cephalotus propagation kit and he charges cheap. Certificate is also available.
  14. Adrian, if u have pics of your Triffid please feel free to post them... However, Here is another example: Typical, Triffid Albany Black, Big Boy and Dudley Watts: Here is just Typical
  15. Pot to pot Typical versus Triffid Albany Black for comparison grown in one and the same conditions.... Honestly I don't see any differences...
  16. I'm getting confused which one is Triffid as both look to me just one and the same typical.... Can other people also post pics of this Triffid Albany Black clone please? Has anyone seen the mother plant? I'm sure Andy from Triffid can help us posting pics of the mother plant.
  17. Hi all, does anyone have pic/s of so called Pascal gaint clone? I just want to see how giant is this clone labeled as "giant "and "clumping". I remember the pic posted from Pascal on ebay years ago and the plant looked just typical and normal size plant. Who knows may I'm wrong... I'm pretty sure Pascal Kulms who is member here would help us posting pics of his mother plant and with more info though.
  18. Thanks, probably u are right. Yes, the moss was old and not so healthy. My wife used the moss and the box to root Saintpaulia cuttings and I being lazy just stole the box lol I have tried rooting hormone with mixed success as well. My conditions in Bulgaria are hot almost year round and I don't have much success rooting leaves or pitchers. To ask u guys and gals, which leaves are best for rooting - the fresh new spring leaves or old leaves? BTW, Carl still waiting rooted Cephalotus 'Bananito ' leaf from me lol
  19. Try out In live sphagnum and temps 20 - 24C. I think it is gamble though...
  20. Last year I broke leaf without purpose. It had half stem but didn't want to throw, so I just stuck it to live sphagnum. It was mid summer with temps 47C and above in the greenhouse - the leaf rooted pretty well... Harro, what's the media u use for rooting?
  21. dimitar

    Yamada Giant

    Stunning. One of my favorites. Keep up the good job.
  22. I tend to agree with you. On what clones do u notice this? Here is one of my FMB