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  1. He Felix, heel erg mooi! As far as I know, Felix is actually there at this moment, so the fieldreport is this year.
  2. It's a Lindernia sp. I'd say Lindernia rotundifolia.
  3. A happy new year of health and happiness to all of you!! Fireworks in Nijmegen, NL (© R Nijveld)
  4. Very nice pics! I think I know some of the unlabeled plants: Photo No. 9 is an Anigozanthos sp., I'd say it's A. humilis. Photo No. 15 is Xanthorrhoea australis. The last is a Kennedia sp. I think Kennedia prostrata. Hopefully this information is useful for you
  5. I don't know if Wistuba sells more than one clone of N. campanulata. I've got my N. campanulata from him as well and it is flowering for the second time now. My N. campanulata is a female! I guess the only way to know for sure if yours is a male or female is to wait for the flowers to open!
  6. You should be able to self it, but you can't do this with the same flower. When you store pollen from the first flower these can be used on another.
  7. Hi Jesse, Have a look here: Heliamphora pollination Good luck!
  8. Emiel

    Id please

    I'm not sure, but I'd say it is N. "Rebecca Soper".
  9. Vince is right, as far as I know it's H. huberi. (Although Gert mentions it's H. aff. huberi HERE)
  10. I think it could be D. petiolaris, it doesn't look like D. fulva to me. All my D. petiolaris plants have pink flower though. Maybe it's a (natural) hybrid? Anyway, when it makes some new leaves it should be easier to recognize the species.
  11. Like Stephen said, it's Honesty (Lunaria annua).
  12. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! Finally got a new camera, a Canon EOS 550D, so I used it for some nice pics. The pictures were taken with the kit-lens, but I'm going to buy a 100mm macro lens for even better pictures! (this may take a while though, they're quite expensive when on a student budget).