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  1. Thank you. That was the intention. There grow only native Drosera + Andromeda polifolia, Vaccinium oxycoccos and moss. You do not see it, but most of the moss consists of sphagnum.
  2. Hello, here some pic's from my balcony bog 15 x 15 x 80 centimeters. Since 2008, the plant defy every winter! Drosera anglica. They are up to 10 centimeters high. Drosera rotundifolia. Drosera intermedia. Cheers Andreas
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  5. Yes, I think in Canada the hibernaculas are always under ice and snow during winter. On my Balkony The hibernaculas were always frozen in ice - or at warmer temperatures 1 cm under water. I think here in Berlin the plants starts to grow a little too early in spring. This is not ideal. Next winter I will extend the dormancy in the freezer until April. I wish you continued success with D. linearis!
  6. Yes it's D. linearis. I cultivate D. linearis on my Balcony in Berlin. Sown in January 2010. This summer, the first plant has bloomed. I have harvested 70 seeds. They grow in pure peat. Very wet. The hibernacula opened early in March - with ice, at -10 ° C at night. There was no problem, the plants looked healthy. They grow slowly in spring and quickly on hot summer days. In Canada, you should have no problems.
  7. Hi, I cultivate this Drosera as D. x 'Snyderi' (D. dielsiana x nidiformis). I received the seeds with this name. regards, Andreas
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