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  1. Not spider mite - just a spider with egg masses. At worst, it may be eating some insects before they get caught by your plant. At best, it is pre-packed plant food! But not going to harm your plant in any real way. For confirmed mealybugs (and offspring), see:
  2. Assuming Australian pot standards are the same as those elsewhere, standard height pots to 20 cm diameter are compatible with a water tray 1-2 inches deep. Larger pots need to either be squat or half-height pots, or sat in much deeper water trays. The latter option can leave you open to algae and substrate degredation. One of my friends in Queensland uses squat pots 25 to 50 cm diameter for his stock plants with great success, and these sit in a trench shared with smaller, standard height pots. He has grown them that way for years without difficulty. Hope this helps, John in Canberra http:/
  3. Dear Miroslav and others, I have a sneaking suspicion that 'Sorrow' and "Tina" have common parentage because Triffid Park have plants growing in their nursery labelled as "Sarracenia purpurea Tina, from Gent" (the from Gent bit is not on their website). This assumption is based on the "Gent" from their label meaning the Beligan Ghent where the cv. 'Sorrow' is apparantly from. My plants were brought direct from Triffid Park at their open day last year and the label is the original from their nursery, so I place some weight on its intent. Of course, one would need to ask Trifid Park to be 100%