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  1. Hi Richard, many thanks, works now. Best regards, Christian
  2. Hi there, since the last breakdown (or update? ) of the forum, I don't get any more email-notifications when receiving a PM. Before that, I got an email immediately after someone send one. In the settings-section (Messenger - I receive a message), both triggers (Notification List and Email) are checked, but are greyed out, so are not changeable. Is it only me, who has this problem, or did anyone else notice that behaviour? Best regards, Christian
  3. Hi there, and thank you! @AKR The terras are located in my basement with tilted window all year round. In the winter, the day temps are raised by radiator. Temps in Winter (min/max): 13-15/23°C Temps in Spring/Autumn: 16-18/25°C Temps in Summer: 18-20/up to 28°C Best regards, Christian
  4. Hi there, first of all: Thanks for your likes and your kind words. The Neps and Helis still grow very well, as the night temps are still low enough. When summer realy starts, the'll slow down a bit,... but just a bit. So, here are some fresh pics of the plants: Enough for today, have fun, regards, Christian
  5. Hi there, many time passed since I posted some pics of my highland plants. I regularly did on the german forum, but completely forgott to update this thread. So I will post some up to date pics again. Have fun! Best regards, Christian
  6. Hi there, and again, I can show some pics of my Nepenthes and Heliamphora. Here they are, starting with some heli-shots: Thanks for watching, best regards, Christian
  7. Hi Vince, yes, that's realy surprising. What a mass of variations. Interesting fact, that there seems to be only one variety, that stayed in mind as what we know to be a H. 'Tequila'. So, maybe mine's one of the others, but I'm still not very sure... Back to the pitchers, here are some new pics: Best regards, Christian
  8. Hi Vince, interestings statement, I just didn't know that they released different "Tequila"-clones. But I think, that my plant is very far away from what everyone knows as H. 'Tequila'. If the same parent plants are involved, there should be at least a minimum of similarity. It nevertheless is a beautyfull plant, whatever it realy is... A few more pics today. This time not taken inside the terra, but in front of the "black wall"... Have fun, best regards, Christian
  9. Hi there, some time passed since I posted the last pictures. So, here are some new ones... Enough for today. Have fun, regards, Christian
  10. Hi there, and yes Siru, I tried to focus the pics on that little details, that you can only see in autumn plants. So, the time passes, it's getting darker and days are realy short now. Here are some new autumn pics before the winter starts... Thanks for watching, regards, Chtristian
  11. Hi there, ... again some new pics today. The same one as shown in the previous post, two weeks later under the new LED lighting.
  12. Hi there, thanks Fred for identifying. I first thought, that it could be Araneus quadratus, because of the color. But Araneus diadematus is very variable, so I'm quite sure, that you're right. And thank you all for the nice comments. So, we had some great sunny days here in germany and I was able to take some more pics. Here we go: Thanks for watching and best regards, Christian
  13. Hi again, ... and again some fresh pics. Have fun, best regards, Christian
  14. Hi there, many thanks for the nice comments. I'd like to show some more pic's from the "autumn-theme" today, hope you'll enjoy. If anyone can identify this spider (I think, it's a species of the garden spiders), I'd be happy. Have fun, best regards, Christian
  15. Hi there, some new pitchers today... Have fun. This is one of the more crowded terras... ... and this is a shot, that shows the effect of my new LED-lighting. Two weeks ago (before I installed it), this cup was totaly green. Regards, Christian
  16. Hi there, today I used the time and the gaps between the clouds to take some photos. Autumn's comming... That's all. Have fun, regards, Christian
  17. Hi there, interesing behavior of that talangensis clone(s) that I can confirm. I had no real pitcher since some years, only some miniatures ones. Some of them are drying out during forming. I tried different conditions and repotet it many times but couldn't get a better result. My seedgrowns, still small, in contrast to the above mentioned clone do grow and pitcher without any problems. Maybe there's one (or two or more) very bad clone circulating in cultivation. Regards, Christian
  18. Hi there, some new ones today, including my big H. neblinae, that flowers first time for me. Best regards, Christian
  19. Ah, thanks for that information. That should be the explanation, that there are plants available beeing so huge. I'm curious about the uppers. Please post some images, when they're ready. Christian
  20. Hi Welshy, yes, I noticed that too. I think we bought our plants from the same sources (roraima, Cedric,...). Your N. spathulata x glabrata for example looks exactly like mine. It took me some seconds to breath again, when I noticed the huge pitchers after I had opened the parcel. By the way, it's a very good grower for me, that build two new pitchers of equal size within a few weeks after potting it up. You keep your plants in a heated greenhouse, right!? It'll be intersting to see, how they'll develope under different conditions. Oh, and thanks for putting the idea in my head to lable the pics white on black. It's much better visible that way. Best regards, Christian
  21. Hi there, I've got some more pics today... Have fun! That's all for today, best regards, Christian
  22. Hi Maciej, ... possible. A big round head on a small and stocky tube sounds like it could have both of them in it. Whatever it is, it's a good grower in my conditions and I like it. Thanks for your help, regards, Christian
  23. Hi all and many many thanks for the kind words. It feels good when someone likes what took hours and days and years of time.... The setup is not a very complicated one. All of the Nepenthes and Heliamphora are scattered over six terrariums. Each of them is illuminated by five T8-tubes in colouration 840 and 865 ('oldschool', I know ) with reflectors for thirteen hours per day. I do not use any form of cooling or ventilation except keeping the window open from May to Oktober. In the summer months the temperatures reach from up to 30 °C by the day down to 18°C in the night. In the winter, I try to keep the daytemps around 25°C and the nighttemps around 15°C (by opening and closing the window and turning the radiators on and off). The whole (Indoor-)setup is located in my basement, which helps me keeping the temperatures low for the highlanders. So, here is a picture of the whole setup, one of a crowded terra and one of a neat terra. @Maciej Thank you for letting me know. I got it from a very reliable person from the forum back in 2011. But after watching some pics on CPPV, I'd totaly agree with you. Do you have any idea, what that could be instead? Best regards, Christian
  24. Thanks again, here are some new pics. I took the chance of taking some photos, while I had to get the plants out of the tanks for chopping the sphagnum cover. So, this time the background is my black photo-wall... This plant came to me by accident. I ordered "a portion" of N. stenophylla at BCP and got four or five plants. After some month of growing, this one turned out to be something different, but near to N. stenophylla. With the help of some other german growers I now can identify it as N. veitchii x stenophylla, offered by BCP as well. Thanks to Kamil for that bonus plant. Have fun, Christian
  25. Thanks Welshy, and yes, that might be the reason. I posted the list now and the link should work. Regards, Christian