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  1. I haven't done many crossings. I think not all Mexcian pings can be crossed, or some crossings are very difficult to be succeeded. I tried some crossings last year but only Agnata x emarginata succeeded. I tried ibarra x esseriana and emarginata x (gypsicola x moctezumae) too. But no seed was found in the seed pocket.
  2. Interesting experiment. It is a great information for culturing highland Utrics
  3. This is my first time with this ping. Anyone know how to propagate this plant? Do I need hand pollination for it? Thanks.
  4. It just a typical P. lutea. But I looked for it for years, I recently got it and flowered soon after arrival. So, just share to everyone. Happy growing.
  5. Nice and robust. Ya, I agree this clone is a bit boring. Looking forward the flowers from your other clones. : )
  6. All are amazing clones!!!! Thanks for sharing these nice pictures.
  7. Thanks jim. The flower showed is from 1717?