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  1. Hello Alex, the plant in 4th picture is really stunning! What is the origin, please? Riv
  2. Fred, do you have any photo with pitcher, please?
  3. In my opinion, the flower is from S. leucophylla x oreophila ;-).
  4. Hello Davy, do you have any picture of pitchers, please? Thank you!
  5. Hello Max, your MKF 18 is showpiece!! Stunning plants;-). Riv
  6. The squirrel is charming! :-) The Darlingtonia looks very good after long way ;-). Riv
  7. Hello, it´s 100% botanical S.oreophila. Riv
  8. Hello, I have never seen this red marks on flower of S. oreophila. I grow more S. oreophila clones, but only one is characterised with this colouration. Is there anybody whose oreophila has the same flower, please? Thank you! Riv
  9. Hello, thank you very much for your helpful advices! When I build a new GH, I´ll post some photos ;-). Best regards
  10. Hello, I plan building a new larger greenhouse and I need your advise, please. I can´t decide if I choose glass or polycarbonate for better colour of plants. I grow mainly VFTs and Sarracenias. I will cultivate plants in new GH from spring to end of autumn. Thank you for your advice! Happy growing to all ;-) Best regards
  11. Charming!!! All of your Nepenthes are sooo big! Do you have any pitchers off all setup, please? Thank you! :-)
  12. It's one of the whitest leuco I have ever seen! Really charming ;-)
  13. Hello, in my opinion it isn´t montana. Happy growing!
  14. Both are nice ´Rebecca Soper´ ;-)
  15. All plants are amazing, but N.rajah is the best beast! Congratulation! ;-)
  16. Hello, my S. purpurea ssp. purpurea is flowering just now also! :-) And minors also...
  17. Hello, it´s normal! :-) The most of Sarracenias flower in the spring, but a few plants flower in the autumn. It´s not only my experience, more growers could confirm ;-).