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  1. Hi Mike, i am coming too :) Just booked the flight and hotel. I'm very looking forward to see your collection in springtime in your new house. I'm still looking for special Darlingtonia (location forms) clones and highland Nepenthes of Borneo, so please contact me for it, if anyone of you can bring interesting species :)
  2. Hi Mike, Many thanks to you and Helen, it was a great time at yours, as always. I love your new place, and quite a lot of space to show this fantastic collection. Got some very nice new plants :) Looking forward your next open day in June, and I will be there again, also with a lot of other Germans ;-) Best regards Matze
  3. Wow, what a surprise, never thought that i will have the biggest trap. But i´m very lucky with it. Will see what my GJ Goliath will produce next year... i will try to get much more than 5cm.. hehe Anyway, Hannah, thank you very much for this competiton! Looking forward to have it again, next year. Best regards Matze
  4. Just a few days.. :-D I´m looking for a few plants, maybe some of you can help me? I can also bring plants, if you are interested :) Best regards Matze PS: Mike, did you receive my emails?
  5. Any New about this project? It's running a few years now. And a lot of plants in cultivation are adult and flowering, so good to create some species seeds. The only problem is to find female plants, because alle wistuba clones (2, 3, u) are males. Anyone Haß a female plant or a plant from an other origin, not wistuba?
  6. Ok, the flight is booked :-D Next step is the accomodation... I will come with my girlfriend, so please count two people, Mike! I´m very looking forward to it!
  7. Hey Mike! Couple of years ago, that i last visited you... shame on me... So i will try to enter the party this time! I´m very looking forward to seeing your new greenhouse! So i will try everything to join your open day, but for the moment i cannot say it for 100% Will let you know, when i know more... Best regards Matze
  8. Any news? Lectures, programme, registration, dinner...
  9. Hey guys, the last weeks, i was travelling with 2 friends on Borneo, and we saw the most impressive Nepenthes there. We took a lot of pictures and some of them you can see here: https://forum.carnivoren.org/forums/topic/42816-borneo-2017/ We are preparing some articels about the Nepenthes there, with spectacular pictures. But this will only be printed in the `Taublatt´, the magazine of the German Society (GFP). So get sure you´ll get one ;-) We are also thinking about to make a photo book, with the best pics and some informations about the plants and habitat. But this depends on your interest! So enjoy the pics. Best regards Matze
  10. Mathias Maier


    Great clone! Well done :)
  11. Thnaks for your comments @snowwy, it was a quick solution, and i had no time to built some tables @buster, so these lights are from growking, you can find all infos here: http://www.growkingshop.com/?lang=1 Best regards Matze
  12. Next step was to built these trays, put a plastics inside and fill it up with expanded clay And these are the first plants for the tent, at first just the lowland Nepenthes And last step was to install the lights Hope you will like my story... hihi... The next days, i will put inside the highland Nepentes. I hope they will all grow well during the winter :)
  13. Now, the temperatures get very cold outside, and i have to take off all the Nepenthes from the greenhouse. So i decided to built up that growtent in my basement. First step was to clean and tidy up :) the entrance i had to rebuilt the door, that it opens outside Then first, i put a fleece on the ground than the construction took me just half an hour. But next step was very difficult, to get the cover on it. It took more than 2 hours! After 4 hours the tent was finished :) For the entrance, i just have 30cm...
  14. moving the plants some of them were more than 3 meters Some plants which grow together with Nepentes (Sorry, i dont know the names) Any idea, what it is? Codiaeum, which trys to produce some pitchers ;-) N. mindanoensis (maybe x hamiguitanensis) from Mount Hamiguitan Maybe a N. pulchra hybrid? N. peltata, with 18cm
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