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  1. Mine seem to be ok this year, i must have about 20 flower stalks. The only thing that has changed from last year is the temperature/weather. They havn't been repotted nor were they the year before so all i can think of is that really cold winter we had the year before. Although some of the flower buds look to be a bit on the small side compared to some i've had in the past.
  2. Thanks, i'll keep an eye on it. The earlier pitcher at the back it produced is all green and always was, hope the other will fade. I wouldn't worry too much but i bought another var. maxima -North Carolina from the same selller and its a joke.
  3. Recieved this plant back in spring as a flava var. maxima, however with the opening of this new pitcher im starting to have doubts, arn't maxima's meant to be all green?
  4. Should be fine to keep it outside over summer till Frosts start, ive had some out since April. If you have somewhere sheltered from rain or slightly shaded would be good.
  5. Thanks for putting pics up, looks just like mine although the pressure guage is connected differently, did you put it on with the T-joint yourself?
  6. Could you put up any photos of the units you got from RO MAN if possible? Would jsut like to compare to mine. Thanks.
  7. I have had a number of packages from all of Europe that have taken 14days or more to arrive, i wouldn't worry too much yet.
  8. Thanks very much Mark!
  9. This year ive got about 5 different Cobras all of which formed a nice flower bud last Autumn but seem to have given up on them. Only about 50% of the buds produced have actually made it out of the plants. The actual plants are growing very well but the flower buds are all just sitting there not growing at all The ones that did flower have been growing for a couple of months now with the warm spring we had- they're pollinated and turning upside down now, just cant figure out why so many of the others seem to be not doing much. Also all of the ones that have grown have produced smaller buds in comparison to last years.
  10. Great collection you got there! also a really nice garden. Really want an Alien myself, hopefully oneday.
  11. Thanks for your input everyone, here is some more photos may make things easier. The flowers in the photo do have a pink tinge that isn't clear in the pic. Photo of the plants in question this winter with gemmae: The same plants taken today: Photo of the flowers, this is as close up as i can get the shot: And finally a different pot of plants that i have recieved as pycnoblasta and i think that they are correct:
  12. Very true, it's why im trying to get all mine correctly labled, still have a couple dubious ones left, next on the list is my omissa.
  13. What unit did you go for? Of course it will rain now, it hadn't rained for months then the night after i order mine it chucks it down and i now have months worth of rain water stored and a brand new RO unit with no use for it . At least i know how to break a drought now.
  14. Thanks very much! I recieved them as pycnoblasta
  15. Is this Drosera helodes? http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?app=galleryℑ=3391 Sorry for link Thanks!
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    From the album: Drosera

  18. Iv'e just bought myself an RO-MAN but I would reccomend you take a look at osmotics http://www.osmotics.co.uk/ or RO-MAN http://www.ro-man.com/ Osmotics are really helpfull and i wish id got mine from them, they are particually popular with the reef people and have their own forum section: http://www.ultimatereef.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=520
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    From the album: Untitled Album

  20. I say local., it's still a 4mile drive. Would have thought there is one near you, have a look around google. http://www.fishkeeper.co.uk/storelocation.aspx
  21. Im completely out myself, was relying on some good spring rains to fill the four butts up again but that aint coming! So ive been to the local aquarium shop and am going to be buying RO water at 25litres/day for £3.50 a pop. Definatly considering an RO unit for home.
  22. I didn't even think about using pond liner, i will look to get some. Thanks What about soemthing like this? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT James