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  1. hi do u have some plants, seeds to swap or to sell regards

  2. hi do u have some plants, seeds to swap or to sell regards

  3. Ha! I wish I'd thought of it! It's pretty clever! ;-)
  4. Tengel, there's nothing 'little' about your collection! ;-) It's fabulous! Thank you for sharing!
  5. Andy, great site! Fuchsias are one of my favorite plants, too.
  6. Thank you! 'Nice to meet you, too!
  7. I think I'll be bringing my plants in next weekend (I have sarracenia and vfts in the bog garden). This week has been cold enough for a mild frost, a hard frost and SNOW(!) this morning! Amar, your plants look fantastic and healthy!
  8. The color of your Purpurea is positively stunning, Germano! Thank you for sharing! S.Purpurea ssp. venosa “Red Ruffles”
  9. Max, stunning photos! Thank you for sharing!
  10. new acquisition from Nepenthesmatt, (the plants are lovely!) Drosera capensis:
  11. Heatherly

    Kids and VFTs

    Do the rest of you LOVE the way kids react when you feed bugs to the VFTs? Anytime the nieces and nephews visit, they beg me to feed the flytraps. Hopefully these kids will develop a strong love for carnivorous plants - I need to will them to someone after I'm gone, because my squeamish sisters want nothing to do with my collection! ;-)
  12. *chuckle* I think it takes a rather unique sense of humor to appreciate something like this. It's quite nice to find others who find this sort of thing as funny as I do! ;-)
  13. Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing!