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  1. I made videos of my plants getting fed dinner Royal Red Korean Melody Shark Big Mouth
  2. I tried to edit to make the images show up, but I'm not sure the forum will let me.... but gorgeous plants!!
  3. That lid reminds me of rubra or alata honestly..
  4. I hope my plants grow up as nicely as yours look
  5. Wow so lovely and amazing!
  6. How very nice! Thanks for sharing!! I notice that you always have your Heliamphora standing in some water. What compost do you use to pot your Heliamphora?
  7. Oh wow you grow it so well! How do you cool it down so it doesn't overheat?
  8. Wow! I love how surprisingly BIG a lot of Drosera flower
  9. Wow I never even knew those plants existed.. they're so beautiful!
  10. Wow... we need one of you *here* in the U.S. ...
  11. Very nice... you're my new N.tenuis roll model
  12. Wow so many pretty flowers! And your sundews look so healthy
  13. Wow that was amazing.. thanks for sharing!
  14. Aww it's cute, nice! Careful if it sends up basals - the main growth point will stall! All it took for mine to have 2 3" basals and one stalled 6" main growth point was a year. It grows like a weed
  15. Nice ventricosa - is it the porcelain clone?
  16. I agree, your ceph is completely and utterly cute! The rest of your plants are very nice looking as well