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  1. Wow... and it's all fuzzy on the outside too!
  2. I'll vouch for Andreas' plants too.. I've recently had three macrophyllas pass through my hands (all with roots and healthy and macrophylla looking) and have kept this third one: which is small but healthy. This was the second with decidedly macrophylla-like leaves as well: There has never been a problem with shipments from him to me. One shipment spend an excessive amount of time at customs I think, and most of the plants perished, but he *resent* everything that looked bad. I'm still getting a resend now, more than 6 months later, because he didn't have the stock on him before - he is good to his word that you will get your shipment, in full, and if they plants don't look good or die he will reship. He even reshipped plants that looked stressed out, but didn't die!
  3. I have mine growing on my balcony in lfs : perlite mix, and I pour orchid fertiliser mixed water into the central urn. It is acclimated to lower humidity, though the tips are a little toasty from when it was acclimating (I've had it outside in San Diego area code 92103 weather for a month or so now). Here is a recent picture with a Nepenthes pitcher: I over-fill the urn with water 1X a week so that the water spills through into the potting mix. I leave the pot in a saucer so the leftover water can slowly evaporate and keep the potting compost moist.
  4. Ok.. here we go. It maybe turn even more round, but this is were it's at today:
  5. Oh wow, that's a gorgeous landscape! Thanks for sharing.. I have a friend who's currently studying for her PhD in Ireland so if I go visit again one of these days I'll have to check out some CP sites too of course.
  6. Ok, so I'll be poking around NJ for the last two weeks of July and the first week-ish of August - let me know if you'll be somewhere near, or if maybe I should try to drop by. I'm not sure if I want to spend the weekends in NJ or not because while flying back and forth between San Diego and there would be a serious pain, I would also like to personally water my plants once a week rather than leave it to a sitter..
  7. Oh I will! I'm excited about yours too... This is what mine made last year about this time: I hope this pitcher turns out as well..
  8. Thanks! Here's some progress.. But I think it will take a week or two yet to get round like I want it to..
  9. Oh, haha you make me sound like I'm important or something I might be poking around VT/Montreal over Christmas/New Years.. but Buffalo is quite a ways away. Maybe if you gather up some other people from around there too we can all meet up at the halfway point... say, Utica?
  10. Thanks :) Hmm, whatchu got in Western NY? I hear there's lots of MI-ish area purp bogs, right? I'm totally broke after this, but maybe I'm thinking my next fieldtrip might be outside the US..
  11. N.bongso MT N.truncata Queen of Hearts x King of Spades N.alata variegata N.hamata BE clone N.hamata AW clone N.spectabilis x truncata N.((veitchii x maxima) x veitchii) x campanulata and N.ventricosa x x trusmadiensis (b)
  12. Well, I got back from field-cps-viewing fieldtrip and what did I find... N.densiflora x king of spades with a black peristome from the sun another open N.adrianii (and a little vft sawtooth hiding in there too ) N.campanulata x (spectabilis x talangensis) N.macrophylla from BE N.jamban ...
  13. After the Heliamphora trip to the Tepuis this past April that I unfortunately could not attend because of my schedule and costs, I decided to plan a sight seeing trip for Carnivorous Plants in the wild of my own around the United States so I wouldn't feel so left out, and to see if I could handle an expedition or two. After two months of planning and deciding and calling around and emailing and *begging* at least *one* person to come along with me because I didn't want to be stuck by myself, show-time! Two weeks ago I went to go see Darlingtonia in the wild, in addition to some nurseries in Northern California and a CP meet as well. Last week I went to Apalachicola State Forest in Florida, and then up to North Carolina this past weekend to go see the carnivorous plants endemic to the East Coast of the US. I finally managed to find someone to 'kidnap' for each leg of my trip so I wouldn't be stuck out in the swamp on my own, and off I went! Here are pictures again to the West Coast: and to the East:
  14. Thanks! I can't believe how well it worked out.. I think it was 75% planning, 25% sheer luck that I managed to visit so many places hahaha. Starting today, I'm flying to Florida and hopping up to North Carolina for a few days so I will have a purely wild plants report in a week on Sarracenia/Dionaea/Drosera/Pinguicula/maybe Utricularia My hope is to get together another interesting trip around when there is an ICPS meeting next year, either before or after. I'm not sure where though because it was already hard trying to find at least one person to go with me just inside the US where I know a few people..
  15. I went on an adventure the past week to see wild Darlingtonias, Hortus Botanicus nursery in Fort Bragg, Peter D'Amato's nursery, several growers abodes (Bob Z, Harry T, and Lois O), the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, and the BACPS summer show and sale. Please enjoy the following pictures I've posted: It's about half cultivated plants, half wild Darlingtonia/Ping macroceras/Drosera rotundifolia.
  16. Oh WOW so very nice everything! I always love hanging baskets of Nepenthes for some reason
  17. Omg your greenhouse is soo nice! Thanks for sharing the plants photos
  18. Oh wow to everything! I love lidless Sarracenia - is there one clone out there that just produces lidless seedlings? I see so many floating around the EU but none in the US
  19. Oh, wow, that was absolutely amazing! I hope to be going to Florida next month too .. especially after these photos
  20. Wow... that's just utterly droolworthy!