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  1. Morph

    Julie jones

    I just wonna say thnx gardenofeden the Cephalotus "Julie jones" have arrived and seem to be healthy with no visual damage. Pic:
  2. You got some nice cultures going! Nice pictures also.
  3. Hi all! I need to buy MURASHIGE & SKOOG (MS) BASAL SALT MIXTURE and MURASHIGE & SKOOG (MS) VITAMIN POWDER. Where do you guys buy these stuff? Happy growing!
  4. Morph


    Hi all! I dont know for sure yet whats very special about it other than it outgrows my typicals and I think little larger traps. I have got this one from trade so its not my clone I am still learning about it also and maby its nothing very special about it but time will tell I hope. Thx for all the comments on this clone so far. Best regards /Mike
  5. Morph


    Took a pic off my Dionaea muscipula "Bimbo". I do start to like this clone more and more seem to grow pretty vigorusly and traps is kinda bigg. Pic:
  6. Morph


    I am so sorry for my very late reply.. Yes in Sweden the winter are pretty long something like 4 to often 5 full months. I will protect the plants more than on that picture its just that it wasnt so cold that day and seem a nice way to start them to get some slumber
  7. Morph

    My Big boy

    I dont got any atm since its sleeping now (:
  8. Morph


    Hi all, Now the snow is coming for me in Sweden (: Pics:
  9. Morph

    german giant

    Did take some pics on my Cephs today and my German giant have grown alot now so its nice. Just need a little more color.
  10. I was looking after my Cephs today and my German giant have grown very good so far. I did take a pic on it and I hope it continue to grow high I like Cephs that grow up more than it spreads on the ground (= Pic: Have it nice all.
  11. Morph

    My Big boy

    Thnx all and yes I already like it very mutch And yes I have made it like that because the plant can stay for long without repott for a long time. Your red moss is shipped also (:
  12. Morph

    My Big boy

    I took some pics today off my Ceph "Big boy". This is atm my favourite plant (: Pic:
  13. Morph

    Ceph pullings

    Hi there It did take about 4-5 weeks or so. I also got a Big Boy coming to me (: