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  1. if water from the glass cant reach your plants, use soap. wipe normal soap, of shampoo mixed with water on the glass with a cloth, and after that wipe it off with another cloth. the soap-treated glass will not fog up anymore for a long time. dont ask me how and why it works though... just try it out with a bathroom mirror
  2. oh, look! a VFT with anorexia :) I would be so tempted to keep on feeding that plant :)
  3. to make it easy :)
  4. i work with white LEDs for almost a year now, and with a lot of good results. The only plants so far which seem to dislike LED lighting are dionaea
  5. best to let them go dormant by putting them near an open window, and reducing the light levels before shoving them into the fridge
  6. nice. Do you have pictures of the growing points? i dont think i've ever seen that before and i'm curious.
  7. if you can't put them outside, then the end of october would be a nice moment i think. How do you plan on letting dormancy set in though? putting a plant that isnt expecting dormancy in a fridge will probably not be very beneficial to the plant.
  8. Thats the reason why this plant is best kept outside
  9. Tha_Reaper

    Your Dormancy

    put water in a tray (around 1/6th of your pot height), wait till it is empty, then wait 2 more days, and water again. That is one of the most used watering scedules. Add more dry days, or less water when watering for plants that are more prone to root rot, add more water, or less dry days for plants that like wet conditions. Probably not everyone will agree, since everyone seems to have his own preference for watering. EDIT: Mind you! this is a sceme for the growing season... dont keep them this wet when the plants are dormant. give far less water then (dont let any water stand in the tray), and increase the dry days a lot untill you can feel the peat getting too dry
  10. hundreds... thats why its better known as a weed
  11. its ang-li-( c)ka. i studied latin, and sometimes it still comes in handy (but more often i just regret it ;) )
  12. i dont know if someone else can make anything of it, but i cant see any proof because of the bad quality... you dont have a better camera (although that would probably means having to pull the plant out of the ground again, which would almost surely kill it)? Otherwise, just try to make photos of the other pullings you have taken, and hope one of them strikes if it works and keep us updated with better pics of those.
  13. Its not really a matter of preference... Its like "tropical temperatures" has a specific range, so has "room temperature". Personally i would find 20+ C in the winter uncomfortable too by the way, but then our preferences are just a bit outside the room-temperature range ;)