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  1. D. spatulata Regards Roman
  2. Hello, Amazing can you tell us something about your setup and your growing conditions? Regards Roman
  3. Hello, Very cool, did you know how cold IT geht there in Winter. Regards Roman
  4. Hello, Today I want to show some of my Drosera. I will beginn with my favourite D. squamosa Then D. menziesii {Cataby} D. cistiflora R315 Site And a D.browniana flower Regard Roman
  5. Roman

    Drosera ID please

    Hello Angelo Are the flowers pure white or something like purple? Regard Roman
  6. Roman

    Drosera ID please

    Hello For me this plant looks like D.spec.south Africa. Regard Roman
  7. Hello, First congratulations to your succes, but be careful. Seedlings are very prone for fungi. Fungi can kill your seedlings during hours. The important things to stay them alive is as much light as you can give them and many fresh air. Regard Roman
  8. Hello, So you are very new and have tuberous Drosera and D.cistiflora, hope you know how to cultivate the platns, but by the way great looking plants. Regard Roman
  9. Helllo, Great pictures, please more of it. Regards, Roman
  10. Helllo, Great pictures, please more of it. Regards, Roman
  11. Hello Great Plants but your peltata looks for me like a D.hookeri Regards Roman
  12. Hello Dave, My D. Kaieteurensis are self polinating and really easy to grow, also from seeds. Tomorrow i can show you a picture, I have also some seeds left, if you are interested ;) Regards Roman