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  1. Yeah! And we can still see some different on form of stamens. This kind of stamens can also be seemed on Jacky Jacky QLO

    My cp

    There are my cp.
  3. Ha Ha Now is quite great time for them The fist flowering plant form my new collection today The real flower are more dark pink :) Cave Spring ,Kimberley
  4. Yeah those can grow all year in Taiwan. But most people can't keep more than two years Though, we know some need a dry soil to get through summer. We did that. But sometimes it still not working. Maybe the humidity is still too high as we have a lot of rain in summer
  5. Wow great job. Most of them are not easy to go through the wet hot summer in Taiwan:) Thanks :)
  6. Thanks Some of the seeds(indica from QLD) you send. Are already sprout:) Hope they can grow well:)
  7. HI everyone. As a new bird with bad skill. They are not as gorgeous as other one's. But hope you like them :) D. indica {Sir John Gorge, Kimberley} :) (in winter) D. intermedia Big Audrey U. petertaylorii (first flower today:) hope other plants can make some soon)
  8. Great images:) And also the beautiful flower:)
  9. new photo the D.HARTMEYERORUM I grow
  10. I received some seeds of D. indica red plant dark pink flower WA in fall. But I found someing realy look like D. hartmeyerorum. After that I checked Allen's catalogue I think this group PLANTS RED, FLOWERS PINK…DROSERA HARTMEYERORUM forms are qutie similar to mine. like D.indica “ red-maroon plant to 10 cm tall, flowers dark pink, filaments white-apex pearl, anthers yellow” Crossing Falls, Kimberley So does anyone grow this group indica? Any images? Thanks:) Those are from south Taiwan:) Have a nice day:)
  11. ? I don't know why you asked those in a foreign fourm. You can ask they in English in Taiwan if you can't tip chinese. Like D. paradoxa though Taiwan is cool in winter but for D. paradoxa you don't need to make it go to dormancy. Just keep it indoor with T5 or sunlight. But for others like ordensis it is a different story:) You can ask in here As my English is poor. Hope you can get more infor in it Have a nice day