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  4. Wow, very nice plants, and most of them are flowering, will you cross them to get some seeds?????
  5. You all know that the best team is Real Madrid with no doubts
  6. I see you use tissue culture for propagating helis so you must have lots of ¿do you sell any???
  7. What the h... are the ampullarias doing on the top of the trees?? Amazing, thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Induction light?? What is that???? I spent lot of money in LED's and now there is a new technlogy?? Anyone has any information about??? If you get those heli's nectar spoons with as few light as I see in the video in that enormous space that means that induction light is the future
  9. That's a Nepenthes Caesar (Merriliana x Truncata) is absolutly amazing. This gay is the best, I'd wish to live in Hawaii, that's a good place to have lots of Nepenthes, but I wonder what are his tricks whith highlans in a tropical climate like that.
  10. Wow!! I've never seen such an amount of snow here in Madrid!!!! That scare the hell out of me!!!
  11. woowwww!!! Great!! i can see they are in an indoor. Can you tell us what kind and the power of the light you're using???
  12. Dear Sockhom Great collection, Im an Heliamphora lover too, Ive got heterodoxa, tatei, minor, minor x heterodoxa, ionasii x heterodoxa, nutans and ciliata. Im trying to grow them with LED technology, soon I`ll post my results Are you going to split up those huge plants and sell some???? They barely fit on the pod!!!! I will be glad of buying or swapping some of them!!!!!!! cheers
  13. coming from Ok, those are good points. Im changing my point of view but.. here is the thing. Do you know people how many tourists go to mount Kinabalu every year?? This is quite a commercial trip now (like cocacola route in Kilimanjaro). What if all of them take thousands of Edwarsiana's seeds. I mean dozens of people taking one thousand seeds every day. Do you think this wouldn't affect the population of nepenthes edwarsiana? I mean probably Mr Son doesn't damage Smilesii taking 1250 seeds from his location but if they can sell the seeds quickly tomorrow he is going to take a thousand more, maybe one of his friends will go to take one thousand more and so on... Is not the real damage is what that action means, freedom for every people to take whatever he or she wants. Of course the bulldozer killing the whole bokorensis area is worst but one thing doesn't change the other
  14. I always see S.purpurea when I see sarracenias naturalised in somewhere. I think purpurea is the real tough but I cant stop thinking that your pictures need a few flavas and leucophyllas.