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  1. MikeP

    Kew visit

    Yes September would be good. Have they forgiven us for the mess up last time?
  2. Any news on a visit to Kew this year?
  3. I also would like to add my thanks to Denis and Ian (& their other halfs) for the excellent hospitality. This was the first open day I have managed to attend but will definitly look to attend more when possible. It was a happy conicidence that I was in Devon visiting my parents at the weekend.
  4. The only plant I am worried about is my solitary Heliamphora. Can't say it looks very happy at all with its just above freezing winter treatment.
  5. Much reduced turn out today but excellent none the less. Sarracennia now moved out into the polytunnels and looking good and the Nepenthes were as splendid as ever.
  6. Pure living sphagnum works best for me its very pleasing aesthetically and you can harvest the top growth once or twice a year. The only downside I have fround is that the moss itself uses a good deal of water every day.
  7. Light levels and age both play a part in the colour they take on. Don't water the plant until the new 'leaves' have replaced the old ones .....this may not be until late spring early summer in the UK and then water them and let them dry out before watering again. Each 'head' should only have one set of living leaves.
  8. I find they are completely hardy outside in London but are later to start into growth than those kept in a greenhouse. They didn't like last winter very much and put on a poor show of late pitchers in the autumn which may be related.
  9. I tried to inset the file of the price list but could find no way to do it so this is a cut and paste. Not sure the BEF Long Toms are still available. BEF SQUARE POTS 2” 20p 2¾” (2½” deep) 30p 2¾” (3” deep) 32p 3½” 45p 4” 55p 4½“ (NEW) 85p 5” 95p 7” £1.80 BEF ROUND POTS 4¼” Growers Half Pot 70p 5” Growers Half Pot £1.00 4” x 5” Long Tom £1.00 BEF PANS 8½” £2.00 SHALLOW BOWLS (Similar to pans) 18cm (7”) £1.80 21cm (8¼”) £2.20 24cm (9½”) £2.90 27cm (10.6”) £3.30 CONTINENTAL or DWARF POTS 8C 18p 9C 20p 10C 25p 11C 30p 12C (13) 35p EXCLUSIVE 14cm Bowl 95p (Ten for £9.00) _________________________ 15cm Bowl £1.50 Other Pots 2½“ round 15p BLACK LONG TOMS (Unusual sizes) £1.50 £1.80 £2.00 £2.50 HANGING POTS £1.80 £2.50 £3.50 Plastic Hangers 50p and £1.00 BLACK GRAVEL TRAYS Rectangular (56 x 40 x 4cm) £5.95 Large Rect. (79 x 40 x 4cm) £6.95 Square(order)(61 x 61 x 7cm) £7.75 Grey Watering Trays 90p (Approx normal seed tray size) Black Seed or Gravel Tray £1.35 New size seed tray 80p (L37cm x W13.5cm x D6cm) Black Half Size Seed Trays 70p (limited number) Green Quarter Size Seed Tray 60p Clear Top £1.95 Provado Systemic Bug Killer Concentrate £5.99 Trigger Spray (RTU) £3.95 Vine Weevil Killer £7.99 Other Sundries Pilot pen £1.50 Sharpie pen (2 styles) £1.00 Stabilo Ultra Fine pen £1.20 Large T-labels £1.00 for Ten 4”,5”,6” labels available in multiples of 50 Strong Releasable (Re-usable) Ties (Industrial grade, thicker than normal cable ties, many uses) Assorted colours £1.00 for 10 Coming soon Midget T-labels Mini T-labels From time to time other items will be available A large range of Pots, Bowls and other Sundries, available at BCSS Branch Meetings and special events Cactus Marts Conventions Zone Rallies etc. Items can be sent by mail or other carrier Due to the high cost of carriage there is no fixed rate Charged at cost only (All packing free) Please contact for more information Please write, phone or email Philip G Barker 308 Atherton Road Hindley Wigan Lancashire WN2 3XD Tel: 01942 256440 Email: [email protected] POTS BOWLS & SUNDRIES Philip G Barker Tel: 01942 256440 Email: [email protected] All Pots, Bowls etc are Terracotta colour unless otherwise stated Some BEF Square Pots are available in Black or Green Prices effective from 1 July 2010
  10. Hi Alexis Just examined the old pitchers and they seeme to be full. They stand next tothe pond and this seems to generate a good supply of insects. Sun and warmth they have lacked as we have had the most miserable Augusts on record when it comes to sunshine. The large ones fill 8" or 10" pots so could probably do with a repotting sometime soon.....they all came from a packet of CPS seed bought at Chelsea in the mid 1990's. Suprisingly for a novice I obtained a very high germination rate and have kept the best looking half dozen or so. Some are inside a greenhouse and the others live outside. Oddly neither set seems keen on producing late pitchers.
  11. I did wonder if it was due to very poor ammount of summer sun we have had this year in the SE. Flowering was normal but two of the plants did stay outside through last winter and made a slow start to the year so maybe it is a series of events which has resulted in poor late season growth. Oddly the Darlingtonias (wrong thread I know) have had a teriffic year and the one in my CP Belfast sink garden now threatens to take over its more sedate companions so its definitly horses for courses.
  12. Hi Anyone have any idea why my S. leucophyllas are refusing to produce 'proper' pitchers? They are forming small and barely open pitchers instead of the usual large Autumn crop. Weather related? Need repotting? Thanks Mike