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    Botany and horticulture generally - Carnivorous plants, Cacti (life long obsession now have 2 no 8'x6' greenhouses full) and Bonsai specifically. Fruit and Veg production (allotment).
    1970's folk and folk rock, UK heavy metal 1968-82, prog rock.
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  1. As my annual renewal is not so far away will I be able to combine the current order with ‘next years’?
  2. Thank you for the detailed reply. Hope you get better soon. Is there any way anyone can help with the seed bank?
  3. Stephen. As you are the only point of contact as far as I now see it Another thought occurs to me regarding the yearly limit on seeds. If I don’t get last years before renewal time will I automatically lose the entitlement?
  4. Stephen if you see this is it worth asking the seed bank where I am in the queue for my seeds or should I just give up and ask for a refund? Mike
  5. OK so it’s six months now since I ordered seed and the stratification period has now gone for the year. When do I give up and ask for a refund….?
  6. Is it possible for an amateur to help with the website? Basic updating etc? I don’t have the skill set for most of the vacant posts but could try and assist with that.
  7. I’ve submitted a request to join this one as well…
  8. Thanks. Yes that’s the page I was referring to. thanks for the update on the seeds. is there a description of the duties for the vacant posts?
  9. Unless I am looking at the wrong Facebook page there doesn’t seem to be any activity there since my post there 7 weeks ago? I don’t want to make life any more difficult for the society but some idea of when I might get the seeds I ordered would good…..
  10. If you send me a summary of the duties for the vacant spaces I’ll seriously consider taking one on.
  11. Where is this being publicised? I can’t see any announcements on the Society website.
  12. Are there any society meetings / events planned for this year?