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  1. Little update ;) Werewolf x werewolf 022 Werewolf x werewolf 014
  2. TheFresh


  3. New interesting seedlings ;) Werewolf x werewolf 022 - traps have no trigger hairs so its non carnivorous venus fly trap. Traps have strongly developed lower part, which is also bent upwards. Werewolf x werewolf 014 - shape of plant and traps is similar to werewolf but it have micro teeth
  4. Hello :) Seedlings with an interesting pigmentation Perfect teeth Cephalotus SL 010 DM Tracyi Burmannii TC ;)
  5. Very nice plant :) good job Lucien!
  6. I also have more werewolf x werewolf seedlings but they are still too small to show them :). I'm glad you like it. It's an honor to get a comment from such a master of flytraps
  7. Hello, I would like to share with you pictures of two seedlings from my collection. They come from self-pollination pf dionaea werewolf so for now i labeled them: werewolf x werewolf 1 and werewolf x werewolf 2. I hope you'll like them Werewolf x werewolf 1 werewolf x werewolf 2
  8. Blanche Hermine - just before sending to new home :) SPOTTY cuttings Korean Melody Shark One of my werewolf x werewolf seedlings - prabobly non-cornivorous Another werewolf x werewolf seedling
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