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  1. Thanks guys, all the best and who knows what the future brings... Best regards, Rogier
  2. For the people who know who I am and have meet etc. over the years: I have decided to stop collecting carnivorous plants and I have sold my collection, materials and greenhouses. I already trimmed down my collection over the years, but for several personal reaons I found it better to put an end to it. Thanks for all the fun! All the best, Rogier
  3. That's looking very good Cedric! Do you have new photo updates?
  4. Hi Paolo, Welcome and enjoy yourself here :-)
  5. Hasn't rained in Holland now since the second week of March, plus we have had temps of 26 degrees C. on several days! Very warm spring. The downside is that now 300 litre is left of my 3800 litre water supply. (one IBC got damaged this winter and I lost about 900 litres with this...) Well, these droughts always makes this hobby a bit more exciting ;-) ;-)
  6. Hi Vincent, Absolutely fantastic pictures you have made there! It must be unbelievable to witness this in nature. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Hi Daniele, Welcome to the CPUK!
  8. Oldie but Goldy: It is in the 1980's, when Ronald Reagan was president of the USA and there was still the cold war between the USA and Russia.. A high minister from Washington meets by accident on his vacation in Europe another minister from Russia, also on vacation. They get to into a talk about their presidents with each other, and the American says: In our country we have freedom of speach! It goes this far that I can get into my car, drive to the white house, walk into the oval office, and pound with my fist on Ronald Reagan's desk and shout: "I DON'T LIKE HOW YOU ARE RUNNING THIS COUNTRY!" The Russian minister says, well, trust me, we can that do too. Really??, asks the American in awe! Yes, the Russian answers: I get the bus to the Kremlin, walk to our Russian presidents office, and pound with my fist on his desk and shout: "I DON'T LIKE HOW RONALD REAGAN IS RUNNING HIS COUNTRY!"
  9. Looks fantastic Brian and Stewart! I second the words from Ries, I can't wait to see more from Tate's Hell!
  10. Thanks Mike, We can receive BBC2 here, so I will make time it. Remember people your timezone, in most European main land country's this will be at 21:00! ;-)
  11. Very nice... The legendary SB21! Have you opened (one of) the two 1966 Springbanks? They are like small capital investments!
  12. Nice collection you have there! I see you have a few springbanks and Hazelburns. On the (almost) lowest shelve is that the springbank 15 with the beige label? A nice dram. The new 15 (black label with green S) is also very good, lot of beehive/beewax/marzipan. I am very curieus what those 2 Springbanks are in the wooden containers?
  13. I am very sorry to hear this sad news, my deepest sympathy to her family and friends.