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  1. Pessimistic Will from Belgium here ,i still think you give the pings the wrong treatment,and i think the D paradoxa proof this.Pings like it to go in rest in winter,colder and totally dry for a few months ,not give a rest periode is meaby not good for long term? So you see still a bit pessimistic and mostly realistisch and not a bit of jelousy,plants look nice but not like in nature,some are to big . Can you tell honnestly how many plants or species you lost in this year?Not all species of pings go grow like this some dying off, i can say honnestly i lost not one Mexican ping in the last 2 year after i chanced my groundmix and treatment,and i have them all wat you can find in cultivation,and thats wat count for me, cheers will Cheers Will
  2. This is the best way for solved any problems ,i do this too whit plants that have mealy bugs or red spider,you never see fungus,mealy bugs or red spider on plants outside,this are all pests that only have in a greenhousse.Match better treatment then fungicide or pesticides,for sure for carnivores , Cheers Will
  3. Will, you must be the most negative CPer on this forum, LOL! :) No ,i am not but i can send you pics from this plants how she looks all the time,by me she not got smaller or lost not so match leafs . Meaby i am a bit critisch but i have say last time the month november is the most critical month of the year for pings,if it s not work ,you go see this at the end of this month,off course i realy hope it s working but i still have my doubts,i have experiment a bit by myself the last few years and i know how difficult this plants some times are, so i for you, cheers Will
  4. Thanks everyone ,i am glad you like it,soon more pics from tuberous drosera, cheers Will
  5. Hello Fernando,i am affraid you lost your aphrodithe ,it s normally not make winterleafs,some others look also not so good, Cheers Will
  6. Back to the point , this Ebay seller gives names to VFTs and then sends out typical plants, he is a Shyster. Currently he is selling juvinile Darlingtonia as "Red" at £15 a pop, and we all know that's codswallop. As the topic title states..........."Bad Ebay seller" so,stay away. If this seller is a bad seller on Ebay then he must have a lot negative feedback,if i buy on Ebay i go first search for documentatie before i buy.If you buy whitout know wat you buying then it s your own fault.If i buy a plant on Ebay and the seller send something els then i buy ,i give him negative feedback and claim my money back ,never a risk if you pay whit paypall. If seller have a few negative feedbacks then it s over whit sell anything. I think if you are a grower of CP then you must know wat you are buying .This is still allways to the point,if you know hes not sell the right plants then not buy this.Some people buy plants because she like this and are not intresting in labels. If you think hes bad seller then you must rapport him to Ebay. Someone written hes not react on the forum,meaby hes not intresting in forums and not know from this topic,i sell in summer a lot of haworthias and cactussen but i been never on a cactus or haworthia forum. You can meaby contact this person and say hes sell the wrong plants,personally i don t like it when someone say on a forum i am a bad seller whitout i know this, Cheers Will
  7. I just don't want confusion and mixed up clones where nobody knows what they are growing anymore. Stephen do you realy think growers know now wat she are growing?Meaby if she buy this from you then she know she have the right ones ,but buying this from someone els .... never can say. Like eden black, when you not grow this in the right conditions you never got a black plant,when you buy from some one els and this stay looking like a typical ,it s easy to say you not grow this in the right conditions. Except the color there is no difference like some typical,so never know if you have the right one if you not buy by the maker of this. Buying is allways in trust ,you can not els then believe wat the seller told you,sellers can sell wat she want and be sure there are a lot that do this when she can earnt big money.Not think money not chanced people. But so long buyers are so stupid to buy plants like this for so match money .............and mostly only pay for the label and wat on ,it s like when you buy clotes from big labels ,you pay more for the label then for the clotes So it s like i see this ,meaby a lot of you see this on another way but people are sometimes very stupid, Cheers Will
  8. A few years ago i see some cephalotus in a collection ,this was a very big plant whit pitchers easy to 8 cm whitout the upper lids,i never see a big one like that,i ask the grower wat kind it was and he told me it s a typical ,no fancy name ,only a typical,i have a offset from this one but in my condition it s not bigger then others,so i agree it s mostly how and where you grow this . My ceps have allmost the same color like your pic,it s have to do match whit temps,in winter she are the darkest. Since then i not believe anymore in cultivars from ceps.I go never spend my money in this but i go not discuse abouth registred cultivars ,this are accepted and have some discription,but the other names....everyone can give a name and when you have lucky and it s accept by growers you can make a lot more money then when you sell some typical,German giant ... meaby i must make a Belgian dark because my plants have a very nice color,but not buy this ,in your conditions it s only a typical green.... Cheers Will
  9. Remember ,there are only 1 cephalotus typical and 2 cultivars :eden black and Hummers giant,all the rest are only names that sellers make for sell for match money and so long growers buy this ,this names stays. Also i have all this names(except Eden black) in my collection but i never buy some of this ,i go not waist my money to this,i have them all from swaps. After 2 years in my collection i not see any difference ,but still not big,meaby the Hummers is a bit bigger. After cultivate and sell this for match money for many years(if you can earn t money ,not everyone is trustfull anymore) i not think this are still the original plants,i am sure many growers think she have this but she have only typical,the difference between this clones is hard to see on young plants and buyers go not complain after 2 or 3 years,so wat s left realy from this named plants? Like Hummers giant ,the discription is pitchers from 7 to 8 cm big,i not see match pics on the forum whit pitcher that are so big,i think not many growers have the real Hummers ,and wat is the difference whit big boy ? Like Adrian Slack clone ,wat s make it a Adrian Slack?Is this a typical that orginally came from Slack or have this another way to look or grow?Marston clone ,wat is it,from all this names i never see a discription ,so wat growers buy ?Only names on labels for match money. Cheers Will By the way Stephen ,you have not the monopoly on vigorus clumbing so long you not make a registred cultivar from this,so all plants that are vigorous clumbing may stay this name,it s no more then a discription.
  10. The Drosera is indeed dormand and looks fine to me. When seeds from D spatulata go into the nephentes pot ,good for you ,it s shall grow well and not harm any other plants, Cheers Will
  11. Petiolaris complex is very difficult to grow ,i have try this and give it up,when temps go below 20° you lost them all ,even when it s only for a day or so.This genus is very sensitive,when go in rest ,the most go in rest for allways and not came back. Never grow this again ,it s a waist of money and time,things go good for a year or so,i never can grow this longer ,i know there are growers specialised on this but she have the right place for them,the most difficult is temps,when you not can garanty a temp above 20° ,not begin whit this, Cheers Will
  12. will9

    Dionaea "Werewolf"

    I reat that expensively some, the plant became again normal? Are you main it s not stable? The plants not growing good and are not healty if infestated whit spidermite,it s not kill the plant on short term but i am not sure on long term. Very match thanks Christian for advice,regular insecticide are not working,not insects?are this spiders that eat plants? Inoxy very nice plant ,i have order some to ,i am look forwards to see ,how big is the pot? Cheers Will
  13. Hi Gaz,albiflos flowering every year for me,soon in flower i go post a pic from,flowering in winter but flowers go not open totally ,to lesser light i think,when it s flower it s normally summer where it grow , Cheers Will
  14. Frithia pulchra:it s like most succulents,it s not a roomplant,it must have a winterrest,in winter just above freezing point ,max 10° and no water,it s a very slow growing plant. Watering like cactus?Wat it s mains for you ?Cactus is also not a roomplant,very difficult to grow the whole year on roomtemps,plants are grow in winter and got higher and smaller whit time ,never flower and got weaker till she died,cactus and succulents are very hard plants,so you can grow this in a room for several years. I allways give the advice for this plants ,watering from mars till end october and if you can place outside in full sun( a south window is also OK) No water(not a drup !) and cool temps between october and mars(light is not important in this time ,plants not grow anymore ,she are sleeping),this is the way you must grow these plants if you want strong ,nice and healty flowering plants,i hope this will help a bit, cheers Will A few pics first is Frithia,there are 2 different forms ,this are booth forms(7cm pot) ,second pic is a cono(5 cm ) very small heads,this are abouth 10 years old plants I hope i may post this on your topic Maxxima?growers can see wat Frithia is .
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