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  1. Hi mobile! Nice healthy looking plant you got there. Can you share a brief outline of your cultivation technique? Thanks!
  2. As long as it's young it's ok to repot. This will nearly always kill larger plants, they hate root disturbance!
  3. Yes! Cheap! Now you need a suitable ballast! I still think you'd be better off with a dual spectrum cfl though.
  4. Where will you put them if they all germinate!!??
  5. Hi, Yes I use this lighting (300w) for all my plants except for temperate plants like sarracenia vft's etc. In winter 11 hours and summer up to 16 hours per day.
  6. Exactly! Cheaper to buy and run than metal halide lamps!
  7. Much easier and cheaper to get a CFL! Envirolite or similar. My pings orchids helis and epiphytic utrics love it!
  8. I have one 5cm across so only a monster relatively speaking.
  9. 5c and cats and dogs in N.London!
  10. It appears to me that this person has a habit of taking things that they should not.
  11. Hi, what substrate are you using in the last pic?
  12. And let's not forget about the 'wild collected seed' he has on eBay too.