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  1. Thanks for the reply Dave, much appreciated. I do feel you are right about the individual sales as opposed to the collection as a whole. I just need to knuckle down and get my knowledge back up to what it was a few years back and realistically will probably have to sort out the collection in advance of the Spring when I can get some up to date pic as at the moment the plants have died back for the dormancy period. You never know I might even get the bug back. :-)
  2. Hi Everyone This is the first time I have visited the site for a couple of years due to a house move and simply life getting in the way. My grand plan when moving house was to get a nice shiny greenhouse and move my collection from its current plastic greenhouse and then add to it bearing in mind that I had reduced my collection drastically a few years back. However since moving house other hobbies have developed and when I was looking at getting the new greenhouse recently I had realised that apart from keeping the collection watered I just hadn't done anything to it since moving almost 2 years ago. Therefore I am now considering selling the collection as I just don't seem to have the love anymore, don't get me wrong I intend to keep a couple of plants back for windowsills and the like but I just don't feel as though I can commit the time to a proper collection at this current time. The problem I have is I am totally out of touch with the going rate for plants and also wondered if the best option would be to try and sell the collection as a whole or spending the time selling plants individually. Below is a list of the main part of my collection and most plants are a good flowering size and could be divided, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Andrew A1 Sarracenia Alata - Red Lid, Black Throat, Pubescent - Tall Strong Clone (MIK A26) A2 Sarracenia Alata - Black Tube - DeSoto, Mississippi (MIK A27) FA1 Sarracenia Flava var Atropurpurea (All Red Form), Blackwater (MIK F27C) FA2 Sarracenia Flava var Atropurpurea, Sumatra, Florida (W)(SM) 2006 (MIK F217) FC1 Sarracenia Flava var Cuprea, North Carolina FF1 Sarracenia Flava var Flava C.V. 'Maxima' FF2 Sarracenia Flava var Flava - All Green Giant - North Carolina (Formally var Maxima)( IP SF25) FM1 Sarracenia Flava var Maxima, North Carolina (MIK F91) FRG1 Sarracenia Flava var Rugelii(Kew 3206 1990-1330) FRB1 Sarracenia Flava var Rubricorpora C.V. 'Claret' 1987 Slack Division (PJ FRUB02) FRB2 Sarracenia Flava var Rubricorpora, Don Schnell (MIK F124) FRB3 Sarracenia Flava var Rubricorpora, Sandy Creek Rd, Bay Co, Florida L1 Sarracenia Leucophylla - Pubescent, Deer Park, Alabama L2 Sarracenia Leucophylla "White Top"ex J Ainsworth( PJ L07) L3 Sarracenia Leucophylla "GreenForm" Milton Co. Florida (PJ L03) L4 Sarracenia Leucophylla Purple & White Giant Form, Route 71 Nr Altha N.Florida (MIK L19) L6 Sarracenia Leucophylla (IP SL12) L7 Sarracenia Leucophylla - Horsford, Liberty Co,Florida (IP SL17A) L8 Sarracenia Leucophylla L9 Sarracenia Leucophylla "Hot Pink Selections 1" (MIK L48A) L10 Sarracenia Leucophylla "Hot Pink Selections 2" (MIK L48B) M1 Sarracenia Minor (IP SM31) M2 Sarracenia Minor Giant M3 Sarracenia Minor var Okefenokeensis, Okefenokee Giant, North East (MIK M16) M4 Sarracenia Minor var Okefenokeensis, Red Form (MIK M32) H1 Sarracenia 'Juthertip Soper' (IP SX53) H2 Sarracenia x Moorei "Brooks Hybrid" (IP SX01) H3 Sarracenia x Harperi H4 Sarracenia 'Lynda Butt' ex Slack (IP SX30) H5 Sarracenia 'Victoria Morley' H6 Sarracenia x Mooreana H7 Sarracenia Alata 'Red Lid' x Flava H8 Sarracenia x Moorei "Brooks Hybrid Orange Clone" (IP SX33) H9 Sarracenia Alata Red x Flava Red Burgandy PJ H10 Sarracenia 'Diane Whittaker' (MIK H2) H11 Sarracenia Flava Red x Alata Red (MIK H26) H12 Sarracenia "Goldie" (PJ Plants bought June 2010 direct from Paul G) H13 Sarracenia Dana's Delight MIK H14 Sarracenia Oreophila x Purpurea Heterophylla ( IP HY32) H15 Sarracenia x Red Sumatra (MIK H45) H16 Sarracenia Moorei All Red (MIK H44) H17 Sarracenia “Suspicion” (MIK F237) H18 Sarracenia “Pink Thing” (MIK H187) DC1 Darlintonia Californica, Siuslaw National Forest, Cane County, Oregon CF1 Cephalotus Follicularis SD1 Sarracenia x Moorei "Brooks Hybrid Orange Clone" X ????? (4 TO 5 YEAR SEEDLINGS)
  3. The link that you had showing the ebay items look to be a larger variant of my 6 X 4 plastic greenhouse. It is basically a plastic tent using a hollow tube framework. The covers are only designed to last 18 months at best (according to Gardman who are the company who sell me the covers) and I find that the cover starts to split after 5 - 6 months and then I have to start taping it together. I basically start with a new cover in about March and need to start taping by the end of August/ beginning of September. They advise that because of the wet summers we have been having that the covers do not last as well. I originally bought mine because we were renting a house and I needed something for a couple of years that I could transport easily. If you have the space you can pick up second hand greenhouses for next to nothing if you are willing to collect and dismantle. Proper polytunnels are designed to last a lot longer and are sturdier. They are a solid structure and tend to be concreated in. Hope this helps
  4. I've got a 6 X 4 plastic greenhouse which looks to be the same material (see pic). I've used it for about 3 years now and it hasn't blown away (yet) but I do have it tied to the decking and the plants also weigh it down. It does give good colour if the position is good. One thing I would say is that the frame is 3 years old but I am on to my 3rd cover as they don't tend to last. the last one survived the winter but I did have to use a lot of tape The spare covers for mine are about £15 but I wouldn't buy anything bigger as they just don't last. My plan is to get a proper polytunnel for next year as they are supposed to last at least 10 years.
  5. Thanks Langy It always good to know some background details. Much Appreciated
  6. Hi Diva I'm afraid I am no expert but from what I have been told by Paul the Purple colouration is on the older pitchers so as you can from the photo the fresh pitchers are green as normal and the old pitchers turn purple with age. This particular plant is only small but I have seen photos of purple Darlingtonia on the web. I must admit it was the first plant in the flesh that I had seen which is why I grabbed it quickly. I am sure if you drop Paul an email at P J Plants he could give you more details. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi All Had a great day out last Saturday at the NEC for the BBC Good Food / Gardeners World Show. Obviously I didn't manage to leave without a few new purchases Sarracenia X(S X Catesbaei X S Flava) ex Slack Sarracenia Goldie Darlingtonia Californica (Purple Form) Thanks to Paul Gardner for those ones Sarracenia Flava var Rugelii Sarracenia Flava var Rubricorpora, Bay Co, Florida Sarracenia Flava var Rubricorpora, Sandy Creek Rd, Bay Co, Florida Thanks to Matthew Soper for those. I thought I would also add a few pics of my collection, And finally my small Bog Garden Tub Hope you enjoyed the pics.
  8. Thanks Everybody Yep looks like it was a bit warm for it and by early evening it had recovered back to it's normal shape. I have kept about 70 or so plants in the same greenhouse for a few years now (had to change the cover a few times) and I had not come across this before so I guess I panicked a bit. I have in the past tried to construct a vent in the cover but this tends to weaken the cover and it doesn't tend to last so I make sure that when it's hot the door is fully open. Once again thanks for the info.
  9. Hi I recently bought a Flava var Maxima, N. Carolina (MK F91). The plant was posted to me bare rooted through the postal system about 5 weeks ago therefore it already had some pitcher growth which was distorted while being sent(as you would expect). The pitcher grew quite happily to a nice size and looked like any other Flava pitcher expect for it had a kink near the bottom (see last pic), however today when I went into the greenhouse I noticed that the lid has flopped? It has been a hot day and the greenhouse temp is a steady 35 degrees but the door has been open all day. I know that some plants do have distorted lids but I am not sure if this plant is supposed to and it has been open for a week or so without flopping. Does anyone have any ideas about what could have caused this? Cheers
  10. Cheers Guys Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Until now I've always had the bigger pots in seperate deeper containers which have taken up valuable space. It gives me an excuse to have a play in the greenhouse this weekend and rearrange a few things to make more space for the odd plant or two Thanks
  11. Hi The majority of my Sarracenia plants are in pots which range from 4 to 5 inch in diameter and are all between 5 to 6 inch in depth and in the summer I keep them in approx 2 to 3 inches of water letting the trays dry out between waterings. I also have a few much larger pots for my bigger plants (Brooks Hybrids etc) which are approx 9 inches in diameter and are maybe 12 inches in depth. My question is for the larger pots is it necessary to have a deeper trough and to keep the water level higher or is say 2 inches of water suitable for all pots regardless of pot height? It may seem a simple question and I have my own thoughts but wanted to get other growers viewpoints on the subject. Thanks
  12. I have my suspicions that it may well be. I bought 2 of these seedlings along with a number of plants from another forum approx 2 years ago. A short time later I noticed one of your posts (I think it was entitled "Promising Seedling"), on the post you asked a user how their seedlings were doing that you had passed on. I think from memory it was the same user that I had bought the plants from. I agree it is a nice looking cross.
  13. My thoughts exactly, minimal work needed for a great looking plant.
  14. Hi Now that my plants have started to grow, I thought I would post a few pics. S. Oreophila L to R. De Kalb Co Alabama, Ex Martin Cheek & Purple Throat. Always one of the first to open. Sarracenia Oreophila X Purpurea Heterophylla. I especially like this plant, it was a seedling I bought about 18 months ago and this years pitcher dwarfs last years considerably. Sarracenia Leucophylla – Hosford, Liberty Co, Florida This is last years Autumn Pitcher which survived the Winter and has now a lovely pink colour. Plus a couple of Flowers Sarracenia Flava var Rupricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, Florida Sarracenia Flava var Cuprea X S Flava Finally what's left of my Venus Fly Traps Thankfully all survived the winter (just ) but last year they filled these pots and instead this year it looks like I am going to get lots of little plants.... Thats all for now. Thanks for looking.
  15. Hi I traded some Fly traps last year and received my package in about 3-4 days. I posted my spares from the UK and spent the next 2 weeks emailing back and forth. Thankfully the plants did arrive and survived but I wasn't very happy with the service. Looks like the UK postage can be very tempremental I'm afraid.