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  1. Hi, I just lod a new update on server. Due to the great help of Javier Fernandez Diaz the spanisch language file is added!! Best wishes Boris
  2. Hi, at the moment ther is no MAC-Version planed. I have tried with Mono but it didn´t works. maybe in the future I will make itcompatible with MONO and then Mac and Linux User can use this programm;-) Boris
  3. Hi, I just load a new version on the server. I have solved some bugs like the problem when you use CP-Growlist the first time and the programm don´t save you new Growlist. I also solved the bug when you try to delete a genus from the genuslist. @Javier: I´m very busy at the moment, but when I have time I will send you the list to translate. Best wishes Boris
  4. Yes, Nephrurus levis is a very cute species. But it´s really funny when they courtshiping!!! The male wink with his tail! The first time I have saw I had to laugh very loud!
  5. Hi, I just uploaded a new release. There are many changes like a 'activity-list' for each plant, unlimited pictures for each plant, a thumbnail picture in the datagrid view and mnay more improvements. Best wishes Boris
  6. Cambodia ist a very interesting country!! Do you see any reptiles?
  7. Hi Javier, I don´t speak spanich and I need somebody to translate! Boris
  8. Hello, after a lot of work and a lot fixed bugs I have published the final version of CP-GrowList. I got many response from members of this and other boards and I´m very thnkful for this help to make CP-GrowList better. I have added some new function since the last public beta (0.9.14). I have added the possiblity to add picturue to a plant. Also new are the user-defined Lists. A user can create his own list ('general growlisr', 'seed list' or 'plants for exchange list') Here some screeshots: it´s very easy to create lists of your plants like you want the included genus can change
  9. CP-Growlist is written in .NET and that means it designed to create cross platform applications For Mac-User and Linus-User should visit the following site: Mono 2.4
  10. Hi Andy, at the moment I don´t habe any plans to make a IPhone app. But maybe in the future it´s a possiblity. Best wishes Boris
  11. Hi, I just load a new release on the Server. I have fixed a lot of mirror bugs. But I also added some special functions lioke autocomplete for some fields and a easy was to add plant. Now you can search in a online database for you plant you want to add. Beside the genus dropDown list you will find a small butto to open the online database. This is the last beta. The next version will be the final! Best wishes Boris
  12. Hi, after many positive response I have made a larger update this night. The 'growlist' output got much improvements! Now it´s possible to make a felxible output auf the fields you want! Thanks all for the help and positive feedbacks! Boris
  13. Hi, I have made some improvements in the Setup. I hope it will now work without installen Framework 3.5. Best wishes Boris