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    From the album: Not Sarracenia?

  2. Sorry about that, Carl!
  3. Thanks, Ralph. I seem to only have balsamic in at the moment so I will get some white vinegar and try later : )
  4. Thank you both. Stephen, how do I test for alkaline with vinegar? By the way, thanks for the Amorphophallus (i). I am looking forward to nurturing them to maturity.
  5. Hi I am about to build my first bog garden in a large watertight planter but need some advice. I am planning on planting Sarracenia, a Darlingtonia and maybe my small Venus Fly Trap and Sundew in the planter and am working on guidelines from the Savage Garden. First question - my planter is made out of fibreglass. I assume this is an okay material for Sarracenia as I can't find any counter indications anywhere against fibreglass. I would appreciate any advice. The planter is about 2.5 ft tall and I have drilled 'over-spill' holes about an inch from the top. I plan on filling the planter with a mix of wet peat and washed kids' play sand. Second question - how do you wash kids' play sand? Can you wash it with tap water? Is there any cheaper option? Horticultural sand seems more expensive although I believe it would be just as good. Third question - as the planter is so deep, I would like to reduce the volume of space that I will need to fill with an expensive peat/sand mix. Can I put polystyrene at the bottom or does anyone have other suggestions? The Bog Garden will be placed in a sheltered part of my garden and I plan on bringing the plants in to the greenhouse in the winter as the raised planter may increase exposure to cold. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
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    Thanks, Phil.
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    Exactly! Where a plant is to be grown in shade, in Ireland we get away with putting it in full sun : ) But this year is sunnier than usual. I've had to move some orhids from the same widow sill because of the sun. But I'm not complaining!
  8. Rachel


    The sun is quite hot on the window sill where I have my Nepenthes these days. I have noticed that 2 of them have turned 'shockingly' red on the 'sunny side'. They seam really healthy and indeed new pitchers are forming on the 'sunny side'. I don't think I need worry but thought I would ask some expert advice on the subject. The picture shows the cultivar 'Rebecca Soper'. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  9. Rachel

    April 2010

    Nepenthes 2010
  10. Your bog is truly beautiful. Congratulations on such an achievement. Bet you get lots of visitors :)
  11. I am in southern Ireland and new to carnivorous plant keeping. This was my first winter. My 8 sarracenia and 1 darlingtonia were wrapped in fleece in a cold greenhouse where temperatures plummeted to -10. My bananas, acacias, echiums, phormiums, hebes, agapanthus and pelargoniums all died. But the sarracenia and darlingtonia now have flower buds and are doing well. Maybe I should change tack and give the garden over to carnivorous plants!
  12. Jim, Sorry, I just realised now what you meant. You meant to keep the seedlings in the greenhouse but to remove the lid just during the day for a while. And they eventually leave the lid off at night, keeping them always in the greenhouse. That sounds like a good idea. I thought you were suggesting abandoning my babies to the elements outside!
  13. Thanks, folks. I will uncover then and leave them where they are. Jim, I think they are too small to be hardened off yet. Regards
  14. Rachel

    Oh, happy day!

    I have 3 flower heads on my greenhouse Sarracenia - spotted them a few days ago. Isn't it wonderful to see plants come through that dreadful winter? Luckily I don't have any Sarracenia losses despite one night of -10 in the greenhouse!
  15. I sowed Sarracenia seed in a moss-peat-filled propagating tray in my cold greenhouse last autumn. To my amazement, despite -10 in the greenhouse, the seed has germinated. There is a sprinkling of the tiniest seedlings in the tray. Today I removed the lid, to try to reduce the likelihood of fungal problems, but am not sure if this is right. The seedlings will now be more vulnerable to drying out and the cold. The greenhouse is around 3 degrees these nights. I am tempted to bring the tray indoors to keep a better eye on moisture and heat levels. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  16. Thanks, guys. Some good suggestions there. Still haven't found any bark without nutrients so I will try washing it. Don't feel up to the rubber mallet suggestion just now :)
  17. I need to pot up some Nepenthes cuttings which have rooted in perlite. I want to make an orchid bark/peat and perlite mix. But I am having immense problems finding orchid bark that is simply orchid bark. I have found one that claims to be just orchid bark, with some fertiliser. Do you think this would be okay? I don't recall having this problem last year so am wondering if a) the manufacturers have changed their contents or b) I just didn't notice the addition of fertiliser last year, in which case my plants did okay.
  18. Carnivorous Beast, If you ever get tired of that hot dry climate, please send it eastwards. : ) It sounds like just heaven at the moment.
  19. Thanks for your encouragement, everyone. Now all I need is for my Sarracenia to wake up... but maybe not just yet. Sorry about your bereavement, Pond Boy. Would you suggest putting the Nepenthes outside in the summer? They can dry out very quickly. Thanks
  20. Hi, I almost feel embarrassed to post after the amazing pictures the last member put up but here goes anyway. Here is a photo of my Nepenthes X Miranda, whose first pitcher opened for me yesterday. It has taken the plant a full six months to pitcher for me but there are others on the way now. I'm very pleased with it.
  21. Rachel

    January 2010

    Nepenthes X Miranda, fist pitcher
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    From the album: January 2010